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Latest Trends in Oriental Rugs

Latest Trends in Oriental Rugs

In 2015, trends in Oriental Rugs are proving they are more popular than ever. Design trends come and go, they continuously change and evolve. Perhaps they make us reconsider our past decorating choices or inspire us to make some newer, exciting choices. In 2015, Oriental rugs are proving, they are more popular then ever.Today’s trends […]

Tips on Buying an Oriental Rug

Tips On Buying An Oriental Rug

Tips on Buying an Oriental Rug It’s not an event-it’s a process Persian & Oriental Rugs are an ancient traditional art. Oriental Rug making dates back to more than 3,000 years ago. Rugs are an important factor to consider in any room or home. Deciding to buy an oriental rug can be a very daunting […]

Decorating with Oriental Rugs

Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Decorating with Oriental Rugs Not Just for your floors! Isn’t it refreshing that while we live in this time of such modern amenities and technology, we are still taken by the ancient, mysterious art form of oriental rugs, and how they just naturally fit into our homes. Remarkably, oriental rugs can blend into any decor, […]

New York International Rug Show-Prepare to be Dazzled

New York International Carpet Show-Prepare to be Dazzled!

New York International Carpet Show The New York International Carpet Show will take place, Sept. 19- 21, at the Metropolitan Pavillion, in New York, NY This show is an exciting opportunity to meet some of the newest and innovative vendors in the rug industry. This year, The New York International Rug Show is celebrating it’s 10th […]

Oriental Carpet Sold at Auction for US $33,750,000-Clarke Sickle-Leaf Carpet

Oriental Carpet Sold at Auction-US$33,765,000.

The Persian Vase Rug, A 17th Century Score! Have you ever wondered about expensive rugs, very, very expensive rugs? If you have, you might have heard about the latest. An ancient Persian rug from the 17th century. that sold  at auction for an astounding $33,765,000, that’s approximately $600,000 per square foot! Oriental Carpet sold at […]