"How can I sell my Oriental rug?"

"How can I sell my Oriental rug?"

At Rug District, we receive lots of questions about Oriental rugs from our customers. Some people would like to know what they should be looking for in an Oriental rug, what the different types of Oriental rugs are, what size of Oriental rug is best, and of course, how to sell their used Oriental rug for a good price.

One of the most common questions we receive is, “How can I sell my Oriental rug and not give it away?” What are my options for selling my Oriental rug? There are many ways to sell an Oriental rug and receive a fair share for it. Let’s explore:

The ‘popular’ buy + sell online sites.

These sites are populated by people who are looking for cheap stuff; not necessarily the type of buyer you’re looking for who may be seeking an Oriental rug. If you choose to sell your Oriental rug through these sites, please have your rug inspected and appraised before you even list it for sale! Many buyers may “claim” to be professionals and may give you wrong information just to buy it for a cheaper price, which is not only a waste of time but truly unfair for a quality item such as an Oriental rug.


At a local consignment store.

There are many great consignment stores, and we have many friends who work at them! We appreciate the kinds of items they have on consignment – from antique pieces of furniture and grandma Edna’s beautiful China set, to vintage clothing, jewellery, vases and yes, rugs. The problem with selling an Oriental rug at a local consignment store is, again, the possible lack of knowledge by the sales representative or store owner. An Oriental rug is a quality item, filled with history and technique, art of craftsmanship – this ties in with rug size, colour, weave, intricate design, and is not something that should be priced like any other rug! If you are set on helping your local consignment store by granting them the sale of your Oriental rug in their hands, we again advise to have it appraised by a professional so you know its full history and value. Don’t just give it away!


Ah yes, the weekend garage sale…

Oh no, please don’t even consider selling your Oriental rug at a garage sale! Not even if you’re moving and selling other items. Your Oriental rug is worth much more than that, and chances are that you won’t get more than $100 for it!


Online auction.

There are many online – and even in person – auction sites that may think they can handle this type of handcrafted quality item, but at Rug District we can almost for certain reassure you that they cannot. Just as you wouldn’t entrust your electrician with your plumbing needs and vice versa, an Oriental rug needs to be sold carefully.


How Rug District can help.

At Rug District, we have years of experience with buying and selling Oriental rugs. We are in touch with the best and most knowledgeable Oriental rug dealers, collectors, carpet lovers, stagers and decorators from around the world, and we can do your Oriental rug justice.  We welcome the opportunity to see your Oriental rug, review its quality, give you history, and provide a professional appraisal so you have an idea of what it is truly worth. We can sell your Oriental rug on consignment, or we may even buy it directly from you right then and there, as we may already have a buyer in mind for your particular piece.

Contact Rug District for any inquiries on selling, buying, and consignment Oriental rugs. We are the trusted experts for a good reason.

Do you have question about selling your Oriental rug online, or otherwise? Post in the comments below: 

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