How does rug consignment service work?

How does rug consignment service work?

At Rug District, we pride ourselves by offering the unique service of rug consignment sales. This means, that although we are also rug cleaning experts, and often buy as well as sell Oriental and other specialty rugs, we also provide Oriental Rug Consignment services.

Whether you are moving or downsizing, or maybe the rug you inherited is just not your style, we recommend looking at our consignment service for selling your rug safely and discreetly. 

Sometimes our clients just change their minds and no longer like the Oriental or Persian rug they own, and need a change in design, colour, style, or size of their rug – these are some of the reasons why selling your rug on consignment is a good idea.  

The Rug District advantage

By selling your rug on consignment, you are able to get a fair appraisal and sale for the rug, and maybe buy one which is more in your style or liking. Rug District's consignment service offers the most convenient say to sell your Persian or Oriental rug, as we are experts in this field. We're not selling other furniture or vintage items, for example, we focus on rugs and rugs alone. 

Through our vast experience in this unique industry, and because of the number of years we've been involved, we have grown our roster of trusted and knowledgeable contacts, including dealers, collectors, decorators and carpet lovers from around the globe. If your rug is in good condition and reasonably priced, they will most likely sell quickly. 

Rug District will examine your Oriental or Persian rug and provide you with an estimated value for its sale. Once we form an agreement for its sale, we contact our extensive list of buyers and interested parties and offer them an opportunity to review it and ask questions. We also hold a specialty rug sale four times per year at our gallery, which has become a tradition for anyone who is interested in rugs – from around the globe!

For further information we invite you to inquire directly with us. Contact our office and we will promptly be in touch to begin discussions. Your privacy and safety is our utmost concern – with Rug District you're in good hands. 

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