Why an Oriental rug lifespan matters.

Why an Oriental rug lifespan matters.

Rug District believes an Oriental rug is a deciding factor in a home's atmosphere and look. Why does the longevity of an Oriental rug matter? 

We choose our home because of many reasons: The size is right for our family, the layout fits our needs, its location is ideal... And then comes the task of filling this home with our furniture and tastes. This is where a genuine Oriental rug becomes such a key element in the home: It can be the deciding factor that makes the home's atmosphere what it's all about!

A genuine Oriental rug can display intricacies of design and unique colour palette that you can work into the design style of your home. Rug District advises to take the main colours of the Oriental rug – for example, in the case below, it would be the red and blue – and make these colours the main ones used within the room, as accent colours used in picture frames, fireplace accents, and so on. The secondary colours – in this case the yellows and light blues – can be the colour of the wall. So it all comes together with the basis of the Oriental rug as your designing factor.


How does the length of your Oriental rug lifespan come into play?

If you're spending your hard-earned money on making sure you have a room that is pleasing, comfortable, and fits your style, you're going to have to decide on acquiring a few quality pieces. These unique pieces – aside from your Oriental rug, of course – can be an antique armoire, a beautifully crafted dining room set, some beautiful paintings, and lamps that will fill the room with just the right feel. You're not going to be changing these pieces of furniture out every couple of years, so you want to make sure they last – just as your Oriental rug will!

A genuine, quality Oriental rug can last anywhere from 25 to 300 years, depending on how well it has been looked after. One of the benefits of Oriental rugs is that they have been crafted with care, each knot being unique and carefully made to ensure its quality – we're not talking about machine-made rugs here! Our team at Rug District has seen many quality Oriental rugs selling for thousands of dollars, even though they may be centuries old!

As long as the Oriental rug is looked after, properly cleaned, checked out often for any issues, it will be with your family for generations to come. 

Rug District specializes in genuine Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, in unique handcrafted styles from around the world. We are also Oriental rug consignment specialists – if you shop for the best Oriental rugs or are interested in discussing the trusted consignment sale of your Oriental rug, please contact us for a conversation. 


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