Oriental Rug: A Timeless Gift

Oriental Rug: A Timeless Gift

At one point or another you are likely to look for the perfect gift for a loved one. At Rug District we believe you should consider an Oriental rug, and here's why:

An Oriental Rug is a piece of artwork

The craftsmanship that has gone into an Oriental rug is like a fine art painting: The design has been carefully crafted, the colour chosen, and the materials are of the highest quality. Together, an Oriental rug is a true work of art that has been trusted to weavers from particular regions in the world for their artistic talent. An Oriental Rug is so beautiful it can be hung on a wall, just like a piece of artwork. When used as a rug (floor), an Oriental rug is a conversation piece, a unique piece that can tie in the feel and colours of a room – whether in a bedroom, dining room or living room. 

An Oriental rug is a perfect eco-gift

Wool, silk and cotton are all sustainable materials that an Oriental rug can be made from, and being environmentally-friendly is on everyone's mind these days – especially here at Rug District! Canadians and residents abroad are taking every consideration possible to make sure their furniture is made from sustainable wood and materials (like bamboo), their paints are low-emission quality paints, and even their dishes and cutlery are going to be used for quite some time while being eco-friendly... So the Oriental rug is the perfect gift for those who are concerned for our environment and footprint!

The durability of an Oriental rug as a gift

At Rug District we've heard of many Canadians who have been gifted an area rug or carpet from a 'big box store' only to learn that it has faded or ripped apart in just a year – sometimes under that time! An Oriental rug is a gift that can last through generations, and as such, it will be appreciated by your children, and grandchildren, and whomever will receive it as a gift thereafter. 

Best gift giving ideas

Rug District advises of different ideas for gift giving occasions:

  • An Oriental rug can be gifted to a newlywed couple as a wedding gift for their bedroom. This rug can be spread at the foot of the bed, or two separate small rugs at each side, unifying the couple into the same design and happy feelings each time they climb into bed or wake in the morning. 
  • An Oriental rug can be gifted to a newly retired person as a symbol of 'thank you' gratitude, and will be admired and appreciated – much more than the gift of a watch would!
  • An Oriental rug can be gifted to a family member that has just bought their first (or new) home. They will appreciate it much more than a painting or vase which they may never use! This gift of art can be the piece that helps them decide the colours and patterns to use in their new home. 
  • Looking for a special and unique anniversary gift? A couple can gift one another the beauty and longevity of an Oriental rug, as a symbol of their everlasting love. Just like their individuality, each can choose their own style and colour to reflect their history as a couple and the hope for better days to come. Every time they get up in the morning they can see their beautiful rug by their bedside first thing!

There are many reasons why Rug District is Canada's best choice for Oriental and Persian rugs. We have been acquiring the most beautiful and timeless pieces for our customers in Southern Ontario and Canada for many years, because uniting a buyer with an Oriental rug is what gives us pleasure! 

What kind of Oriental rug would you like to receive as a gift? Please comment below, we'd love to know! 


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