Selling your rug SAFELY

Selling your rug SAFELY

At times it may seem daunting to buy or sell any item online, as we continue to hear about fraud. When you are interested in the possibility of selling your Oriental rug, who can you safely turn to?

Rug District promotes the selling of used Oriental rugs online in a safe manner, because this is one of the things we focus on. Our website is secure, our knowledge is vast, and our experience can help educate rug owners on the history of each Oriental rug so that you feel completely safe. 

Some of the things to consider when looking into selling your rugs safely are:

Most important: Your personal information

We ask our clients to begin the conversation by providing us with their names and a contact phone number, so we can properly communicate their needs. When you're ready to begin the conversation, NEVER provide any other personal information – such as a credit card, SIN number or baking information – to anyone, for any reason. This is an automatic red flag that should tell you the possible transaction or selling of your rug online is not legitimate. 

Details of your Oriental rug

Rug District professionals will naturally require as much information about your Oriental rug as possible in order to make an inquiry. Some of the information our customers will hopefully be able to provide is:

  • What type of Oriental rug do you own?
  • What material is it made from?
  • What is the style of Oriental rug?
  • Where did you buy your Oriental rug, or who gifted it to you?
  • How long have you owned the Oriental rug? Where was it used? (ie: bedroom, foyer, living room).
  • Have you ever had your Oriental rug professionally cleaned?
  • What is the size of the Oriental rug you're wanting to sell?
  • Would you consider selling your Oriental rug on consignment?

It helps Rug District to know as much information about the rug as possible. Sometimes, we may request you send us a photo of the rug in its entirety as well as a more detailed photo of it: The corners, the underside, details of the knots or patterns. This will best help us determine its care, cleaning and quality, and whether the Oriental rug you own needs some TLC – often-times a used Oriental rug needs professional cleaning, repair, and more detailing.

Selling your rug on consignment

Some of our customers prefer to sell their rug in person, at which point we recommend an in-person visit so we may best have a look at it and provide an estimate of its value for you. There are some consignment stores which may carry it for sale for you, although since Rug District is the professional on Oriental rugs, we will probably recommend allowing us to carry it for you instead. If you're not in dire need of selling your Oriental rug immediately, then we could list it for sale for you, and carry it through consignment. 

At Rug District, we can best guide you to the safest ways of selling your Oriental rug safely online. Safety begins with only providing the most minimal personal information by phone, and opening up the lines of conversation so Rug District professionals can help you. 

Contact us to get the conversation started – we can help you sell your rug online through consignment, in a private, secure way that looks after your best interests. 


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