The True Value of Your Oriental Rug

The True Value of Your Oriental Rug

At Rug District, we are in the business of Oriental rugs for a reason: They are timeless, beautiful works of art that reflect tasteful elegance and beauty. Rug District has grown to be Southern Ontario's most trusted source for Oriental rugs because we live and breathe Oriental rugs!

Oriental rugs come in many styles, each with its own distinct set of shapes, colours, materials, and history. The artistic skill that goes into making each Oriental rug has been nurtured for thousands of years – and we support the fair trading of such an artisan craft. 

Some of the factors that contribute to the value of an Oriental rug include the materials it was made with, the talent and artistry of its weavers, and the quality of the dyes used. Let's explore: 

True artists creating history

Owning a hand-woven Oriental rugs is truly a timeless treasure, as some of the best quality Oriental rugs are woven by weavers who are considered artists in their own right, in their country and globally. They may have been raised in families where weaving Oriental rugs was a tradition, a need, or part of their culture (or all of the mentioned reasons!). These weavers may also be recognized and celebrated in their own communities and country for their experience and craftsmanship. The designers play an integral part in the making of each final piece, sometimes for over a year in the manufacturing process, as the weaver him/herself and designer work together to create magnificent pieces to be cherished for decades to come. 

Carefully selected materials 

It's not just the brand or name of the wool or silk material that goes into the making of a fine crafted Oriental rug, but the talent of the buyer as well. These craftspeople have the knowledge to seek out the best quality materials to produce a high-end Oriental rug. 
For those Oriental rugs which are created from wool, the material buyer and crafter seeks out high-quality wool that may not be overly shiny and instead, will have a gentle lustre from the naturally-occurring oils that are in the wool. Sometimes it's just by feel, by touch, that they know when they have found the proper high-quality raw materials. These are the types of craftspeople Rug District likes to associate with and buy Oriental rugs from: The reputable contacts only.
For silk-made rugs, the raw material should be shiny, which means it is in its purest form rather than being blended with other materials. Buyer beware, that the commonly used trade phrase "art silk" does not denote a pure-silk Oriental rug! 

Test if your rug is made of real silk 
by pulling a strand and burning it: 
If it is real silk, it will shrivel and smell like human hair!

What's in a dye?

If you're seeking a high-quality Oriental rug, Rug District always recommends looking for a rug that has been crafted using natural dyes instead of synthetic ones. These natural dyes are nature-based, which is not only more difficult and costly for the craftspeople to work with, but harder to source as well. These natural dyes, however, produce the most visually appealing Oriental rugs - which is of course well worth the extra cost!

One knot at a time

The amount of knots and the type of knot – alongside material used, of course, is what will signify the type of rug that is created and the indication of its cost. Sometimes however, rugs with the finest knots may be less costly than those with fewer, larger knots. Rug District can best guide you to the intricacies of the knot counts when it comes to purchasing a quality Oriental rug which you can cherish for generations to come. Contact us with any concerns or questions!

Weaving quality

At Rug District, we have become accustomed to looking at an Oriental rug and knowing right away whether the weaver is a talented craftsperson or a cheap knockoff. Sometimes, a large variation in the rug weaving can denote the work of a novice or apprentice worker. Other times, it's easier to tell by looking at the front versus the back of the Oriental rug.
If in doubt, or maybe you are interested in an online purchase of an Oriental rug, then contact us at Rug District for a review and advice from our experts. This is a timeless piece, and it deserves the knowledge that goes into buying it – we are here for you. 
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