Trading in your Oriental rug

Trading in your Oriental rug

Rug District experts share: You may have bought it a few years back and now it just doesn't fit it your style, so what do you do with your Oriental rug now?

There are many reasons why you may no longer enjoy your Oriental rug and would not take full advantage of having one:

  • Maybe your Oriental rug was gifted and you and you just don't like its design
  • Maybe your Oriental rug doesn't fit in with your style, or the colours are all wrong for your home
  • Maybe it's "too vintage" and you would prefer something more modern
  • Maybe your Oriental rug doesn't fit in to your new home, or your spouse doesn't like it
  • It could be simply that you have "outgrown" your Oriental rug and are just looking for something fresh.   

So what do you do now?

Whatever your reasons for not enjoying your Oriental rug or Persian rug any longer, the bottom line is that you deserve to be happy with your home's decor. There's no point in coming home after a long days of work only to look at your living or dining room – or even the once-beloved Oriental rug adorning your bedroom – only to be disappointed. 

At Rug District, we believe there's certainly a "feel" to each Oriental rug. It should make you feel good, content with your home, welcomed, warm, elegant... This feeling is what some may call 'HOME'. 

If you're not happy with your Oriental Rug, Rug District can sell it on consignment for you. We specialize in the consignment sale of Oriental rugs and other specialty quality rugs, so you can trust that you're in the hands of the experts. 

Rug District will review photos of your Oriental rug, then we can arrange to appraise it for you by our Oriental rug experts. We will arrange for its pick-up and fair sale so you can turn that investment into a truly beautiful Oriental rug to buy in Canada that has been made by artisans and craftspeople. 

There's no reason for you to hang on to an Oriental rug you aren't happy with. Whether you choose to sell your Oriental rug on consignment through Rug District, or buy another one of our specialty Oriental rugs already for sale on there, we can assist - contact Rug District experts to begin a conversation.


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  • Azar Sheazadeh