When an Oriental Rug is Gifted

When an Oriental Rug is Gifted

At Rug District, we receive many inquiries from customers who have had an oriental rug gifted to them. As a special gift, an oriental rug is a sign that someone appreciates a good decorative item and knows the value of this kind of piece, but not everyone knows how to use them, decorate with them, or what to do if it’s not their favourite: How do you handle that? Here’s our professional oriental rug advice:

Q - How do I decorate around an oriental rug?

One of the biggest deciding factors behind decorating around an oriental rug, is its colours. If you like the colour scheme it’s a bonus factor, as you can easily work around to making the room fit exactly into it. Work with the main colours as focal points, and use those colours as accents for pillows on a sofa or bed, lamps, picture frames and paintings. If the oriental rug’s colours are strong, primary colours such as blue and red, the walls and curtains can be more muted such as greys or light off-white colours. This will make the oriental rug pop and stand out.

Take the lighter colours of the oriental rug – such as perhaps creams, greys, and yellows, as the colours you can use for your furniture: A main couch or chair. These colours are your secondary complementary colours and will make the room feel cohesive and professionally designed.

There are many styles and colour varieties of persian and oriental rugs – which did you receive? What does it look like? Rug District can help with some ideas.

Q - What if my oriental rug’s design doesn’t match my current furniture?

If you like the gifted oriental rug but aren’t sure how to make it fit into a room, there are a few options: You can of course change the main furniture pieces, such as a couch or a coffee table, to match one of the colours of the rug, or one of the secondary colours to complement it. Sometimes it’s as simple as painting the room in one of the colours of the rug, and work with the other furniture pieces as complementary items to the oriental rug.

Another option is to see if the oriental rug fits better in another room – like a basement family room, or a bedroom. In this case, Rug District designers advise to just move the oriental rug around, move furniture around and see how it looks with various pieces. You’re probably going to find it fits better in a particular room where some items can be changed out more easily, like in a bedroom or a den. Then you can purchase accent items such as pillows, to match the main colours of the rug. It’ll be beautiful!

Q - What if I don’t particularly like the gifted oriental rug? Is it alright to sell it?

One of the best pieces of advice we can give our customers, is that if they’re not happy with their oriental rug, sell it with us through our consignment option! There is no point in you keeping such a specialty decorating item if you're not happy with it, while others may love it.

We have many options for selling your oriental rug on consignment, and then you can also buy a piece you DO like through our channels. We can appraise the value of the oriental rug for you, take photos of it, measure it, and see its condition. Then it gets listed on our RugDistrict.com website for consignment sale, which keeps your anonymity and security intact.

Rug District  works directly with rug dealers, rug collectors, professional decorators, Real Estate agents and staging experts from around the world. These experts have first pick at seeing your rug.

When you have been gifted with an oriental rug, you have received a timeless piece of beautiful woven treasure that can last for generations. Rug District will make sure it lasts for a lifetime, by up-keeping it for you, and ensuring it’s professionally cleaned and repaired.

Contact Rug District for a discreet, free consultation, and for free pick up and delivery across Southern Ontario. We’re here for you, we are the oriental and persian rug experts.

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