When should your rug be professionally cleaned?

When should your rug be professionally cleaned?

At some point you will begin to notice that simply vacuuming your Oriental rug is just not doing the job you would expect. An Oriental rug should have crisp, bright colours, and not release a pile of dust with a simple shake. Is it time to have your rug professionally cleaned, and will help bring it back to its original beauty?

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There are some reasons to have your rug professionally cleaned, rather than just trust the vacuum:


It’s looking drab

As already mentioned, an Oriental rug is a beautiful piece of artwork that you have cherished over the years. Naturally, with foot traffic, dust, and maybe pet hair and dander, its beauty will begin to fade. All is not lost! If you’ve consistently looked after your rug by giving it a good cleaning yourself, yet it’s still looking worn and tired, it’s time for a professional cleaning. With some TLC by Rug District, your rug will flourish and sparkle again!


Its scent is questionable

Somehow, regardless of how much you clean the room, it still has an odour: It’s probably the rug. The scent it can give off will probably be due to the way it’s been collecting dust, pet odour, dead skin and hairs, and the natural scent of human feet or shoe traffic. This is a sure sign you need to have your rug professionally cleaned.

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Edges are fraying

The sides and ends of Oriental rugs can weaken and fray over time. This is a sign your Oriental rug needs some care – and perhaps more than just cleaning. It can also be due to using the power attachment on your vacuum too many times. If this sounds like your rug, then you definitely need to have it cleaned professionally, and looked at closely by the team of experts at Rug District. We will not only clean it using the latest technologies, but at the same time, an overall assessment of the rug will be done for you. It’s an investment, and worth the proper care!

Aside from the obvious reasons mentioned above, a dirty Oriental rug can pose a health hazard, making it unsafe for your home and family. Bacteria can accumulate between the fine weaves of the rug, and no matter how much you try to clean it yourself, it will never be sanitized sufficiently to keep it safe and looking beautiful.


Using a rental rug cleaner

This is a method that at Rug District we definitely not recommend, as these types of machines cannot properly clean a delicate Oriental rug! Your rug is your investment, and it can last for generations, but it must be properly looked after and professionally cleaned in order for it to withstand the test of time.

At Rug District, we specialize in professional Oriental rug cleaning, and we take pride in offering our customers with the best quality carpet cleaning you could wish for. Give us a call with your questions – we’re happy to make your rug shine once again!

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