Which size of rug should I buy?

Which size of rug should I buy?

Choosing an area rug for your home is an exciting process, yet many things have to be considered so that when you unroll it, it fits perfectly with your room’s design. Here are some design ideas from the expert designers at Rug District:

First and foremost, you need to consider where the rug will be placed: Whether on a living room floor, in a dining room under the table and chairs, as a footer for the bed, or perhaps as runners beside each side of the bed. Oriental rugs have also been used as welcoming features at the foyer of a home, marking the owners’ style and colour palette, or to dress up a bedroom with a splash of colour and warmth as runners by the bed.

In the bedroom

Rug in the bedroom

Consider the overall size of the bedroom, and also of the bed itself. Is there a lot of room left over at each side? If so, you may choose to have the whole bed as well as the bedside tables under the rug. This decor style works well when the bed is also taller, so you can appreciate the rug’s design as it runs underneath the bed frame and legs.

If the bed has shorter legs or you think it will be too much design overpower for a smaller bedroom, then you can choose runners instead. Runners will not only keep feet warm as you get up to put on slippers in the morning, but will also add a splash of beautiful colour to complement your more neutral bedding fabrics.

In the dining room

It always seems to be more fitting to have the whole set – dining table and chairs – sit completely on top of the rug. This is also a safer choice, so that chairs are not getting clumsily stuck under the edge of the rug when moved. In this case, you want to choose a rug that extends at least 2 feet beyond the chair’s position when someone is sitting on it.

In the living room

This is the most popular choice for those buying specialty rugs such as the ones offered by Rug District. A living room oriental rug is of utmost importance if you’re looking for a classy look that is unique on its own! Living rooms are also the room in which your guests will be able to admire the delicate intricacies of an oriental rug.

rug district living room

A living room oriental rug can be the deciding factor for your home’s decor style: Whether you’re looking for the intense beauty of a Persian rug, the durability of an Indian rug, or perhaps the spiritual and symbolic designs of a treasured Tribal rug. Colour will play a big role, but the style will also foretell the size of rug you should choose in the end.

Before considering the perfect size of rug for your home, take a delicate and in-depth look at the placement of your living room furniture: Sit on the couch, then on a chair adjacent to it, and see it from every viewpoint. Is your room large enough to fit an overall larger rug, where all legs and items will be on top of the rug completely? This type of design can anchor the room, as long as the room is large enough to support this style.

Maybe your room is tighter and you’d prefer to have some of the furniture touching the oriental rug, while the rest overhangs it. If this is the case, play around with the furniture design before measuring an overall rug size.

Some choose not to cover a beautiful hardwood floor with an area rug, so a smaller rug that only lays out underneath the coffee table is perfectly acceptable – especially if the table is taller or with a glass top, to fully appreciate the rug’s design.


Still unsure?

One design tip is to use a couple of bed sheets or blankets to try out different sizes. This can help those who have a difficult time envisioning what their Oriental rug will look like. On the other hand, you can always contact us at Rug District for advice – we’re glad to help you make the best decisions to fit your style.•


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