Why consider an Oriental rug?

Why consider an Oriental rug?

Here at RugDistrict, we’re obviously a little biased. We love Oriental and Persian rugs – we love the way they feel, the colour varieties, the history behind them, the fine craftsmanship they portray. Oriental rugs and Persian rugs are works of art.

There are many reason why we feel everyone should own an Oriental rug. These aren’t just temporary and quickly-fabricated rugs that are sold at the big box stores, no. Oriental rugs represent quality, and that’s a big word that’s missing in today’s furnishings!

It’s true that things are just not made like they used to – for the most part. Case in point: Cars don’t last like they used to, and their parts have to be replaced constantly. With luck, a refrigerator will last you 10 years, while some of us still have our GE refrigerator from the 1950’s! Same goes for toasters, vacuums, desks, sofas… Nothing beats the investment a good quality decorative piece can make in your home!

One of the best part about buying a quality Oriental rug is that you can see the exquisite work that has gone into making it. You don’t have to flip it around or see the brand, anyone that has truly looked at and felt an Oriental rug can see it’s a treasure.

Oriental rugs have been manufactured in the same way, with taught still for over 2,000 years. They are hand-woven beauties that are pride to produce in many cultures. Both the Oriental rug designers and the weavers, work together to bring an Oriental rug to life – and it shows! This is not a piece of furniture that pops out of a machine; an Oriental rug can take over one year to make – that's dedication to art!

Read our blog about What makes Oriental Rugs Valuable HERE,
to understand more about exactly how Oriental rugs are manufactured.

Everyone needs a special piece of artwork in their home. For some, it’s an exquisite piece of artwork that may have been handed down to them from generations past. For others – like us – it’s an Oriental rug: A fine piece of artwork that every single person will look at and appreciate, regardless of their taste.

One of the best ways to purchase an Oriental rug is by looking at consignment sales. At RugDistrict we pride ourselves in our unique and vast collection of Oriental rugs on consignment. These pieces are not just “sold off” to the highest bidder. These Oriental rugs have been examined thoroughly, looked after, and ensured they are in excellent quality. Perhaps they have been handed down to someone who’s looking for a different colour scheme, but whatever the reason, they have been looked after and deserve a great home… like yours!

If you’re even considering buying an Oriental rug for yourself or someone you love, take a look at  our Rug District consignment link [HERE] and you’ll see that our expertise is one of a kind. We have rugs by size, style, colour, and photos so you can see every single one and pick your favourite.

An Oriental rug is a fine piece of collectible artwork for your home, that will keep its value for years to come. If you own an Oriental or Persian rug, you are a person of good taste who appreciates quality of workmanship. If you have an Oriental or Persian rug that you’re not 100% happy with, consider selling it on consignment – we’re the experts and are here to help you love your home.

What do you think about having an Oriental rug in your home? We'd love to see your comments below:

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