Why We Sell Rugs on Consignment

Why We Sell Rugs on Consignment

Do you remember when you first bought your Persian or Oriental rug? At Rug District we understand that you probably either saw one and instantly fell in love (impulse buy) or it was handed down to you by a family member. Maybe it was a calculated purchase with the deciding factors being colour, size, style, price, durability.

There are many reasons why someone would own such a beautiful piece of artwork – because that’s just what it is! A Persian or Oriental rug is not just something to throw down on the floor and keep your feet warm. These stylish rugs are crafts-people made, have a long history, and can make a room’s atmosphere shine.

There are also very valid reasons why you would want to sell your rug, and Rug District understands them all! Through our many years of experience selling rugs on consignment in Canada, we have connected with people who need or want to sell their Persian or Oriental rug:

  • Taste – Maybe it was something that fit the style you preferred back then, but not your taste anymore. There are other styles that would suit you better, so there's no need to settle for what you liked before, or what was handed down to you perhaps as inheritance.
  • Colour – As times change, so do colour schemes in a home. In the 80’s, for example, it was ‘in’ to have green walls, and in the 90’s it was all about the burgundy and mustard yellow. Perhaps it’s just time to sell your rug and look into updating the colour scheme to something that will fit YOU.
  • Style – It’s not just about colour, but style. There are various styles of oriental rugs, and they’re all beautiful in their own way, but they don’t all fit everyone’s style. There are many designs – from Indian designs and Village Rug designs, to Tribal Rug designs, and even Persian and Oriental rug designs will vary. 
  • Needs – When a family grows in size, sometimes you have more furniture. The same goes for when a family downsizes after retirement: The kids have moved out and the parents want their own furniture now… Out with the old family couch-full of candy bits and in with the new clean furniture that is your own!
  • Moving – If you’re moving to a new home and find the rug just doesn’t fit the style or size of the home, it’s a good idea to sell your rug on consignment rather than just roll it up and store it in the basement. Maybe you no longer want a living room Oriental rug but would much rather have a runner, or a dining room Persian rug. We can sell those for you  on consignment too!
  • Finances – Oriental rugs are valuable pieces of keepsake furniture, or artwork, as we prefer to call them. Maybe you need to free-up some cash, maybe you have another important purchase that you need the funds for, or maybe you just want to sell your rug on consignment so you can buy another one you've seen on our website... We’ve helped customers sell their rugs on consignment for a very good price, and we can help you as well.

Whatever the reason, there’s no need to settle for an oriental rug you’re not happy with. At Rug District, we can help sell your rug for a fair price, and also help you buy a new and divine rug that will fit your style.

Rug District’s Oriental Rug Consignment Service can help you sell your new, used, vintage or antique Oriental rug conveniently, and offer free consultations. Any size of Oriental rug – any age of oriental rug – any condition of Oriental or Persian rug – and don’t just buy a used Oriental rug from an unknown individual online! Chances are they may not know enough about it to provide a fair price for you. See the Oriental Rugs we have on consignment right now, HERE.


Why should you sell your Oriental rugs on consignment?

Rug District has an extensive email list of people who are actively seeking this type of purchase: Dealers, collectors, even decorators and carpet lovers from all over the world. Don’t just sell it online – display it with the love and appreciation it deserves, and do it effectively through us. We enjoy assisting our clients in ensuring a successful sale, as well as finding a new home for these woven treasures. We are the rug doctors for online rug sales!

Contact Rug District for a discreet, free consultation, and for free pick up and delivery across Southern Ontario. We’re here for you, and as rug experts, this is how we can help you.

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