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How to Safely Store Oriental Rugs

How to Safely Store Oriental Rugs

Safely Store Oriental Rugs to Protect their Value Why worry about how to safely store Oriental Rugs?  There are many reasons why the need may arise to properly store your woven treasures. Here are a few: 1/Maybe you’re moving and are downsizing. Perhaps you’re beautiful, but enormous Oriental Rug that once sprawled across your living […]

7 Reasons To Have Your Oriental Rugs Cleaned

Oriental deserve a Professional Rug Cleaning Oriental Rugs are the jewel of your home, stunning works of art for your floors. At Rug District we know the joy and pride you have for your Persian & Oriental Rugs because we do too! We want to help you to extend the life and beauty of your […]

Yes. The Evil Moth will Destroy your Oriental Rugs

Yes.The Evil Moth Will Destroy Your Oriental Rugs

Protect Oriental Rugs from Moth Damage Don’t let these moths keep you up a night. If you’ve recently encountered these pesky, nasty creatures in your home, you are in for a fight! Moth damage can destroy your precious area rug. We want you to win! Here are some tried and tested solutions to help you […]

Save Oriental Rugs from Sun Damage

Save Persian & Oriental Rugs From Sun Damage

Keep Persian & Oriental Rugs Out of the Sun Ultraviolet rays are a very powerful force, and can unfortunately, significantly damage your precious Oriental Rugs! Flooding sunlight streaming through a window is beautiful, but having a faded Oriental Rug is not. Day after day, year after year, the sunlight shining in on Oriental Rugs that […]