Persian Sarouk Rug

Persian Sarouk Rug Rare Estate Quality Persian Rug Handmade Persian Rug from the city of Sarouk This rare Persian Sarouk Rug is approximately 70 years old and is in excellent condition. The wool is of exceptional quality and the colours have graciously mellowed. Sarouk Rugs are one of the most durable rugs to come from […]

Turkish Soumak Rug Flatweave Wool & Silk

Turkish Soumak Rug Made from Wool & Silk A flatwoven rug made with geometric patterns and tribal motifs including birds. Handwoven with fine wool and¬†embroidered with pure silk. The striking colours of this Turkish Soumak rug will dazzle your soul! Use it on the floor, wall or a table. Turkish Soumak Rugs are named after […]

Turkish Kozak Rug

Turkish Kozak Rug Unique Colours & Design A Turkish Kozak Rug made with all natural dyes and hand spun wool. Very unique colours with a very traditional repeat medallion design adorned with stylized birds. Made in the early 1980’s at the beginning of the rug renaissance inspired by the DOBAG project. SIZE: 3’6″ X 5″4″ […]

Persian Yalameh Rug

Persian Yalameh Rug Vintage Rug in a Small Runner Size Persian Yalameh Rugs are some of the finest Village Rugs made. This vintage rug from the 1970’s is a little treasure! Made from extremely durable wool with a repeat diamond design. The size of this Persian Yalameh Rug is what makes it so interesting. It […]

Persian Yalameh Rug Runner

PERSIAN YALAMEH RUG-RUNNER UNIQUE VINTAGE RUG This vintage rug was woven in the 1970’s in the Central Iranian village of Yalameh. It’s made with a lustrous wool pile an a wool foundation. Persian Yalameh Rugs are some of the finest village rugs made. Each rug is an individual work of art for your floor. Good […]

Persian Karaja Rug-Runner

PERSIAN KARAJA RUG A STUNNING ORIENTAL RUG RUNNER An exciting Persian Karaja Rug made in the 1970’s. A spectacular design sure to delight any hallway or home. Made with superior wool and handwoven into an amazing work of art. The repeat medallion pattern is a classic Persian Karaja Rug design, The village of Karaja is […]

Persian Sarouk Rug

PERSIAN SAROUK RUG Rare Estate Quality Oriental Rug A spectacular Persian Sarouk Rug from the 1950’s. Made from the finest wool and handwoven into a spectacular work of art. The design is breathtaking and the colours are glorious! This Persian Sarouk Rug is a classical Medallion with an open field design. A rare opportunity to […]

Persian Karaja Rug

PERSIAN KARAJA RUG STUNNING ORIENTAL RUG RUNNER! This Persian Karaja Rug Runner will add a new life to your hallway. A classic Persian Karaja design handwoven into a traditional repeat medallion design. Made in the 1970’s and still is excellent condition. Persian Karaja Rugs of this length are rare to find. Rug District has accumulated […]

Persian Hamadan Rug

PERSIAN HAMADAN RUG VIBRANT VILLAGE ¬†ORIENTAL RUG A Persian Hamadan Rug sure to brighten any room! This rug is handmade into a tradition Persian Rug design with the central medallion and an allover herati pattern. The vibrant wool & colours will pop from your floor. Hamadan is a village market town in Northwest Iran where […]

Persian Bijar Rug