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Carpet Cleaning Goderich Ontario-Oriental and Persian Rug Experts

Goderich’s Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts

                                  Persian & Oriental Carpets know how to hide the dirt.

They’re experts at it!

But harmful dust and dirt that hides deep in the pile will damage the fibers of Area Rugs, causing premature wear.

Oriental & Persian Rugs should be expertly washed & rotated on a regular basis to protect their beauty and value.

Experts and collectors from around the world recommend that Oriental & Area Rugs should be expertly hand washed every 2-3 years. Area Rugs that are subjected to heavy use should be washed more often.

Never have Oriental & Area Rugs chemically or steam cleaned. These processes will strip the natural oils from the fibers, causing premature wear.

An expert Carpet Cleaning will remove harmful dirt from deep in the pile, restore the luster to the fiber, and will give new life to all those glorious colours!

Rug District expertly cleans all area rugs & carpets including Persian & Oriental Rugs.

                                  SPECIAL WASHES FOR ANTIQUE & VINTAGE RUGS

                                                      EXPERT ORIENTAL REPAIRS

“A stitch in time, saves nine.”

Expert Oriental Rug Repairs should be done to your Oriental & Persian Rugs at the earliest possible stage. Left unattended, the damage could unravel and cause serious damage. Caught in time, small repairs are inexpensive.


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