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Persian and Oriental Rugs are the most durable floor covering in the world.  Majestic handmade Persian and Oriental Rugs lay on your floors year after year and they hardly show their age. Actually, they become even more beautiful as time goes on.

If Oriental and Persian Rugs could talk

If your Persian Rugs could talk they would say-“Give us a professionally carpet cleaning from Rug District!” Why? Because deep in the pile hides harmful dust and dirt that is damaging your carpets. These abrasive grains will break down the fibers causing premature wear. Oriental and Persian Rugs must have an expert carpet cleaning on a regular basis to protect their beauty and value.

Experts and collectors from around the world recommend that Persian and Oriental Rugs should be expertly hand washed every 2-3 years. Carpets that are subjected to heavy use should be washed more often.

Only an Expert Carpet Cleaning

Never have Oriental Carpets chemically or steam cleaned. These processes will strip the natural oils from the fibers, causing premature wear. An expert Carpet Cleaning will remove harmful dirt from deep in the pile, restore the luster to the fiber, and will give new life to all those glorious colours!


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“A stitch in time, saves nine.”

Don’t let those minor repairs get out of hand. Minor repairs are inexpensive to fix. But left unattended these minor repairs can cause serious damage to your Persian and Oriental Carpets.

All Oriental Rug Repairs are done by Expert Craftspeople.



Oriental Rug Care & Maintenance

The entire staff at Rug District are Persian & Oriental Rug Experts offering Outstanding Customer Service!

Persian Rugs & Carpets in Toronto, Ontario

Our Oriental Rug Experts are servicing the Toronto area everyday. In fact, we love Toronto! Toronto is clearly one of the world’s most beautiful cities. There is so much to discover. And we do every day.

But did you know that Toronto is one of the world’s largest Persian and Oriental Carpet markets? Yes it is. So many Persian Rugs have been imported into Toronto that in the 1980’s all the Persian Rug dealers started a massive price war. So much so that it caused the collapse in the price of handmade Persian Rugs. The ultimate winners were the good people of Toronto. Fabulous purchases of precious Persian Carpets were made for a fraction of the market value. Many homes were furnished with functional floor, and wall, art. And Oriental Carpet collectors rejoiced. And now, at your service is Rug District. Those fabulous Persian Rugs and Carpets need an expert Carpet and Rug Cleaning. Please call us.


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We Love Toronto!

Oriental Rug Blog Series

Coming soon in our Oriental Rug Blog will be some history on the colourful Persian and Oriental Rug trade in Toronto. Watch for it!

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