Save Persian & Oriental Rugs From Sun Damage

Save Oriental Rugs from Sun Damage

Save Persian & Oriental Rugs From Sun Damage

Keep Persian & Oriental Rugs Out of the Sun

Ultraviolet rays are a very powerful force, and can unfortunately, significantly damage your precious Oriental Rugs! Flooding sunlight streaming through a window is beautiful, but having a faded Oriental Rug is not. Day after day, year after year, the sunlight shining in on Oriental Rugs that are not tended to, can have some very detrimental effects.

Take some precautions to save Oriental Rugs

Most times this sun damage happens at such a rate that you are not even aware of it until it’s too late and the damage is done. However,there are some precautions you can take to hopefully avoid this from happening to your Persian & Oriental Rugs. Rotating your rug, more then once a year. Examining it closely could help save your rug from any potential sun damage. Also, taking the time to consider where your Oriental Rug is located in regards to any sunlight.
Having a heavy drape and not leaving them open all the time, can help to greatly reduce the risk of sun damage to your rug. However, if you love your windows bare, adding a thin sheer for a little added protection, could also potentially help the matter. You could also consider having your windows tinted with a special coating. This allows the sunlight in, just not all of it’s harmful UV rays.

Options for Repairing Oriental Rugs with Sun Damage

If your Oriental Rug has already suffered any sun damage due to fading, with any luck if it’s caught in the early stages so there still might be some hope! Determine if the fading has happened just on the tips. If this is the case, it may be repaired  by a professional who will carefully clip the entire pile by trimming the faded tips off and  hopefully saving the once vibrant colours of your Oriental Rug! There is another method you could try yourself. This method is risky and comes with no guarantee  of desired results. Fading your rug further, on purpose, in the sun is another option. By covering the parts that are already faded and bravely exposing the rest to direct sunlight. Depending on the sun and where you live in the world, this could take days or even months, but perhaps worth it, if you feel the damage is too much to live with and you’ve already talked to a professional for advice. Trying to fade your own Oriental Rug is taking a risk. It may work out beautifully. It might not.

Rotate and Examine Persian & Oriental Rugs Regularly

Rotating your Persian & Oriental Rugs on a regular basis is a must. Looking at them carefully from different angles, and at different times of the day, to determine if any fading has taken place is your best protection against any type of sun damage.
Save yourself some potential heart breaking devastation. Save your precious Persian & Oriental Rugs!