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Storing Oriental rugs

How to Safely Store Oriental Rugs

Safely Storing Oriental Rugs to Protect their Value Why worry about Storing Oriental rugs?  There are many reasons why the need may arise to properly store your woven treasures. Here are a few: 1/Maybe you’re moving and are downsizing. Perhaps you’re beautiful, but enormous Oriental Rug that once sprawled across your living room floor will […]

7 Reasons To Have Your Oriental Rugs Cleaned

Oriental deserve a Professional Rug Cleaning Oriental Rugs are the jewel of your home, stunning works of art for your floors. At Rug District we know the joy and pride you have for your Persian & Oriental Rugs because we do too! We want to help you to extend the life and beauty of your […]

Selling Oriental Rugs in Toronto Ontario

Tips On Selling Oriental Rugs

Tips on Selling Oriental Rugs  How to Sell Your Persian & Oriental Rugs Where can i sell my oriental rug ? You might find yourself with an Oriental Rug that is no longer wanted. Perhaps you’re moving, inherited an Oriental Rug, or maybe your taste has changed. Whatever the reason, here are some tips sell used […]

history of oriental rugs

What is Your Oriental Rug Really Saying?

Oriental Rugs and the Stories They Tell History of Oriental rugs  What is your Oriental Rug really saying? They speak to us in many ways. Through ancient symbols and designs, from the weavers hands, into our homes. The weavers are sharing stories, giving us  a glimpse into their lives, their hopes, their beliefs. Identifying oriental […]

Oriental Rug Care and Maintenance

Oriental Rug Care & Maintenance

Oriental Rug Care & Maintenance They need Oriental Rug Care! The longevity and beauty of Oriental and Persian Rugs all depends on the Oriental Carpet Care they receive. Proper cleaning and care will help to keep your rugs & carpets looking great for years to come. At Rug District we offer you an exceptional service of […]

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Caring for Oriental Rugs Even though Oriental Rugs are extremely durable it is always important to have them cared for properly. If you want to enjoy your Persian & Oriental Rugs for years to come, here are a few tips on Oriental rug cleaning to ensure they last for generations. Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning Oriental […]

Oriental Rug Buying Guide

Oriental Rug Buying Guide

Oriental Rug Buying Guide You are about to make the purchase of a lifetime. You are shown two diamonds of equal size and similar style, but they are priced very differently. The knowledgeable salesperson will educate you about the differences in clarity, colour, and cut that makes a stone a higher quality, and thus more […]