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    Rug District are the Area Rug Cleaning Experts! Rug District has been washing Area Rugs from around the world since 1959. Regardless of the country of origin or the type of fibers, your area rugs will be cared for properly. Guaranteed!


    Rug District are the Carpet Cleaning Experts! All Carpets Cleaned including Persian & Oriental Rugs. Free Pick Up & Delivery across Ontario.


    Rug District have been the Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts since 1959! An Expert Carpet Cleaning will remove harmful dirt from deep in the pile, restore the luster to the wool, and will give new life to all those glorious colours. SPECIAL WASHES FOR ANTIQUE RUGS



    Rug District has been a Trusted Name in Oriental Rugs. Since 1959, Rug District has been expertly washing, repairing & selling your woven treasures. Oriental Rugs have been our passion for 3 generations.


    Outstanding Customer Service is what we do best! Rug District is dedicated to the expert care of your Persian & Oriental Rugs. Your total and complete satisfaction is always guaranteed!


    Rug District's Oriental Rug Consignment Service can help you sell your Persian & Oriental Rugs. New & Used-Vintage-Antique Rugs. Any Size, Age or Condition. Rug District has clients from around the world interested in your Handmade Persian & Oriental Rugs. Free Consultation.

Area Rug Cleaning-Carpet Cleaning Toronto-Oriental Rugs

Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Experts

A Trusted Name in Oriental Rugs Since 1959

All Area Rugs including Persian Rugs and Oriental Carpets deserve a professional carpet cleaning that will save your woven treasures from the harmful effects of dust, dirt, and insects.

Rug District is Ontario’s leading area rug cleaning company with over 57 years of experience. The Oriental & Area rug cleaning methods we use are guaranteed to thoroughly clean carpets down to the bottom of the rug, restore the luster to the pile and give new life to all those glorious colours.  

Area Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning-Oriental Rug Cleaner-Carpet Cleaning Toronto

Rug District is where to get area rugs cleaned. Area Rugs need special attention before starting the carpet cleaning process. Before an Area Rug Cleaning procedure begins, the rug must be inspected for colour fastness, materials and construction so the proper method is used to expertly clean and protect your area rug. Our experience in Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning will guarantee you the most professional carpet cleaning.

Expert Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning done on all rugs including Persian Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Chinese Rugs, Indian Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Afghan Rugs and all types of Modern Area Rugs

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area Rug Cleaning- Persian and Oriental Rug Cleaning-Carpet Cleaning Toronto

Cleaning an Oriental Rug is best left to the Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts. Rug District is an Oriental Rug cleaner that has the extensive knowledge to expertly clean all Oriental Rugs.

Expertly Handwashing Oriental Rugs since 1959

Persian Rug Cleaning

carpet cleaning toronto-area-rug-cleaning

Persian Rugs are some of the finest rugs ever made and can last for generations. But they do need a professional Persian Rug cleaning on a regular basis to protect their beauty and value. Each Persian Rug is unique. And so is the Persian Rug Cleaning method that is used to get the best results.

Rug District is the Persian Rug specialist that you can trust to give your Persian Rugs the most professional carpet cleaning.

Oriental Rug Repairs

“A Stitch in Time, Saves Nine”

Persian & Oriental Rugs should be inspected on a regular basis to catch small Oriental Rug repairs before they quickly develop into a major carpet restoration. Rug District employs the service of expert craftspeople with decades of experience in the fine art of Oriental Rug Repair and carpet restoration services.

Rug District is the Oriental and Persian Carpet repair & restoration company that rug lovers and collectors have trusted since 1959.

Special Washes for Antique & Vintage Rugs

Free Pick Up and Delivery

Oriental Rug Appraisals

Do you know what your Persian & Oriental Rugs are worth? Let the experts at Rug District give your rugs an Oriental Rug Appraisal that will protect your investment!

Buy and Sell Oriental Rugs

Our exclusive Oriental Rug Consignment Service makes selling Persian & Oriental Rugs easy. If you’re downsizing, inherited or just think it’s time for a change, then Rug District is where to sell Oriental Rugs. Contact us for details.

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