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Caucasian Rugs get their name from the area of where they are made. The Caucasus. The Caucasus is a mountainous region that is nestled in between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, surrounded by Russia, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan.
 Caucasian Rugs are very distinctive looking. They are usually created to resemble Village Rugs rather than fine and intricate city designs.
 These are some of the most sought after rugs, especially in many Europen countries. Because their size does not often go past 5X8 they seem to fit the smaller rooms of Europe.
 A Caucasian Rug will give your space a bold, intense and brilliant sense of beauty!

All of our Caucasian Rugs are in good condition and have had an expert area rug cleaning.

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Caucasian Rugs

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