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Sell Used Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rug Consignment Near Me - Used Oriental Rugs-Who buys used oriental rugs near me

 Rug District is where to sell Oriental Rugs.

Our exclusive Oriental Rug Consignment Service is how to sell used Oriental Rugs

Are you moving, downsizing, redecorating or just inherited some rugs?

Don’t just store your Persian and Oriental Carpets in the attic or basement.
Rug District can help you sell your Oriental Rugs and Persian Carpets.
Rug District’s Oriental Rug Consignment Service offers you
the most convenient way to sell Oriental rugs
while getting the best possible price with complete privacy.
Used Oriental Rugs-who buys used oriental rugs near me

We Sell Used Oriental Rugs of Any Size, Age or Condition

Oriental Rugs | Persian Rugs | Vintage Rugs | Old Oriental Rugs 

Used Oriental Rugs | Antique Rugs | Silk Rugs

How the Rug Consignment Service Works

  • We will agree on what a reasonable price will be to sell the rug
  • The Agreed Sale Price is split 60/40. You get 60% with no other costs.
  • Rug District will pick the rug(s) up 
  • Rug District will wash the rug(s) before being offered for sale
  • Rug District is responsible for photography
  • Rug District will pay shipping costs when the rug(s) are sold
  • Funds for sold rug(s) will be paid within 7 days

How We Sell Your Rugs

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Online Advertising
  • Periodic Estate Sales
  • Network of Retailers and Decorators

Free No Obligation Consultation

Contact us today and one of our experts will offer you a free consultation.

Let us help you find a new home for your woven treasures..

Rug District serves the entire Ontario market

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