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 Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning in St. Catharines

Rug District are the Best Carpet Cleaners in St. Catharines

At Rug District we specialize in expert area rug cleaning. We are the leading rug cleaners in Ontario. Our extensive knowledge gained with over 60 years of experience will assure you of the best results.

12 Step Area Rug Cleaning

Our Exclusive 12 Step Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Procedure will guarantee that all the hidden dirt that is embedded deep in the pile of your rugs are completely removed.

What are your Oriental and Area Rug Really Hiding?

We have seen countless rugs of all kinds over the years. We are all too aware of what a rug can hide! Often times Oriental and Area Rugs can conceal years of dirt. Your Area Rug might look clean on the surface but there can be many scary things lurking deep within your rugs.

43 Pounds Of Dirt!

Oriental & Area Rugs know how to hide the dirt. They’re experts at it! But did you know that a 6' x 9' area rug can hide up to 43 pounds of pollutants, fungus, chemicals, pollens, odours bacteria, germs and dust mites?

Professional Carpet Cleaning in St. Catharines

Many rug cleaners in St. Catharines offer rug cleaning methods that will damage the fibres of your Oriental and Area Rugs.

Never have Oriental & Area Rugs chemically or steam cleaned. Steam cleaning Oriental Rugs will strip the natural oils from the fibres, causing premature wear.

A professional carpet cleaning will remove harmful dirt from deep in the rug, restore the lustre to the pile and give new life to all those glorious colours!

An expert Oriental Rug Cleaning should be done every 2-3 years. Area Rugs that are subjected to heavy use should be washed more often.

A trusted St. Catharines Rug Cleaning company since 1959

Rug District is the best carpet cleaner in St. Catharines. Since 1959 we have been caring for St. Catharines finest Oriental Rugs. We specialize in the expert washing of Oriental Wool Rugs.

Silk Rug Cleaning Specialists

Delicate Silk Rugs need the specialized care that Rug District has gained over years of experience. Our Silk Rug cleaning experts will treat your woven treasures with the respect they deserve!


Over the years we've cleaned many of St. Catharines finest Antique Rugs. Hand Washing is the best way to clean an antique wool rug.

Oriental Rug Repairs-Area Rug Cleaning St. Catharines -Persian Rugs

Expert Oriental Rug Repairs in St. Catharines

“A stitch in time saves nine.”

Persian & Oriental Rugs are the most durable floor coverings in the world. But sometimes they need a little care.

Be sure to check the end and sides for minor Oriental Rug Repairs. If left unattended these relatively small Oriental Rug Repairs could quickly need major carpet restoration services.

Make a point to inspect your area rugs for any minor damages.

Rug District employs the services of expert craftspeople who have decades of experience in the fine art of Oriental Rug Repairs.

Rug District is the Oriental and Persian Carpet Repair & Restoration Company that has been trusted since 1959.


Contact Rug District for all your rug cleaning and repair services.


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Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning St. Catharines-Persian Rugs

Interested in selling your Persian & Oriental Rugs?

Ask about our Oriental Rug Consignment Service.

Rug District is where to sell Oriental Rugs in St. Catharines. If you've inherited a Persian & Oriental Rug that you can't use, are downsizing or you've decided you need a change then we can help. Rug District can sell all Oriental Rugs regardless of age, size or condition.

Please contact us for a free no obligation consultation.

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