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For your quality, handmade rug, trust the best rug cleaners to get the job done. Rug District are the rug specialists in the Collingwood area to efficiently dust and deep clean your Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, or any area rugs. When choosing where to have your area rugs cleaned, it's essential to consider the company's passion, experience with caring and maintaining rugs, and experience. Since 1959, with over 60 years of experience, Rug District has been the #1 choice for area rug cleaning in Mississauga. We understand that each rug is valuable and requires proper care and attention. That is why we hand wash every rug with appropriate care and attention. Rug District can also perform inconspicuous rug repairs to correct colour damage, loose trim fibers, to remove stains, and much more. 

Rug Cleaning Collingwood

Area Rug Cleaning Collingwood - Persian and Oriental Rugs

Be sure to take advantage of our affordable price rug cleaning services in Mississauga. Trust local rug cleaning professionals located in Mississauga Ontario. We arrange for free pick up and delivery of your precious  rug, and complete the cleaning  within two weeks. Of course, your rug is cherished by you, and so it's valuable to us. We perform area rug cleaning for Persian rugs, Oriental Rugs, and other high-quality Area rugs. Over time, rugs can attract a significant amount of dirt, hair, sand, dust, and even moths that attack the wool. Keep your rug fresh, vibrant, and prized with our hand-washing rug cleaning service.

Hand-Washing Rug Cleaning Service

As rug specialists, we only provide the best care possible for your prized rug. That is why we only hand wash and give proper care and attention to the rugs we service. At Rug District, rugs are our passion. Rugs are invaluable, rare, and unique. Each rug is a work of art that must be handled and cared for with the highest standard of care. According to where your admired rug comes from, our rug experts use cleaning methods best suited for that specific type of rug. Our custom hand-washing rug service uses no harsh detergents or chemicals. We dust, and deep clean all rugs by hand to maintain the integrity of the art piece.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Collingwood


Oriental Rug Cleaning Collingwood

Oriental rugs are treasured works of art that add colour, sophistication, and beauty to your home. Investing in cleaning your Oriental Rug will ensure your invaluable rug lasts for generations. At least once every 2-3 years, Oriental Rugs require professional hand-wash cleaning to protect their shine and luster. As a rug cleaning expert, Rug District has been a family-run business since 1959. We can clean, maintain, and repair any Oriental Rug so you may cherish it for years, even generations.

Persian Rug Cleaning Collingwood

Area Rug Cleaning Collingwood Ontario | Persian and Oriental Rugs

Safeguard the integrity of your woven treasures by trusting our Persian rug cleaning services in Collingwood. We are the Persian Rug Specialists, as we know that each rug is not made the same. We respect the individual integrity of each rug when cleaning it. Rest assured that Rug District only washes valuable rugs by hand, and not by using a harsh machine. A professional Persian Rug cleaning will remove dust, hair, dirt, and sand from the pile to restore shine in the wool. Give a whole new life to these glorious colours with Rug District.

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Collingwood Rug Repair

Persian and Oriental Rug Repairs Collingwood

At Rug District, we won't schedule a rug repair, if we are not confident that we can perform the job. Contact us to discuss your rug requirements. We can repair Oriental Rugs, Persian rugs, and any other area rug. Rugs are a valuable investment, and some have sentimental value. Instead of throwing out your precious rug, have it expertly repaired. We perform an extensive range of rug repair services in Collingwood. Schedule a pick-up time that works best for you, and we'll conduct the repairs in our local Mississauga warehouse. After the repair is complete, we call to schedule a convenient time to drop the rug back off. Our convenient rug repair services are impressive and help revitalize your rug for many years to come. 

Here are some examples of the type of rug repairs we perform:

  • Reweaving and Restorations
  • Replace Worn Fringes
  • Edge Binding the sides
  • Overcasting the ends
  • Pet Urine Removal
  • Moth Treatment
  • Correct Colour Runs
  • Stain Removal
  • and more

All carpet repairs and restorations are done by expert craftspeople.

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Collingwood Rug Consignment Service

Sell your Persian and Oriental Rugs in Collingwood - Consignment

 Sell your Persian and Oriental Rugs in Collingwood

Any Size, Age or Condition

In addition to hand wash rug cleaning and rug repairs, at Rug District, we also offer a competitive rug consignment service. Be surprised to learn that you can earn high earnings for your handmade, collectible rug. As a passionate rug collector, we love seeing and appraising all rugs. Be sure to contact us today to learn how much your rug is worth! As each rug is a unique piece of art, have your worn-out rugs appraised by us too! Don't store your precious treasure; instead, let us help you find a new home for your unique area rug. Receive a free consultation today.

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