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Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning in Waterloo

Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning including Persian Rugs and Carpets Waterloo

Your Rug deserves a Professional Carpet Cleaning!

Professional Rug Cleaning in Waterloo

Hiding deep in the pile of your Persian, Oriental and Area Rugs are harmful particles that are damaging your beautiful rugs. Dirt and dust particles in the pile are abrasive and will break down the fibres of Oriental & Area Rugs causing premature wear. A professional carpet cleaning will remove these particles from deep in the pile, restore the lustre to the pile and give new life to all those glorious colours.

Only a Professional Area Rug Cleaning will do

Never have your Oriental & Area Rugs chemically or steam cleaned. These process will damage the fibres causing premature wear. A proper area rug cleaning will protect your rugs from these harmful procedures. Rug District knows how to clean Oriental Rugs and all other types of area rugs, We've been cleaning Oriental Carpets since 1959.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Experts in Waterloo

Cleaning an Oriental Rug must be done by Oriental Carpet Cleaning Experts! Steam Cleaning or just running the rug through a machine may cause major damage to Oriental Rugs. Collectors and Rug Lovers from around the world agree that the most professional carpet cleaning process for handmade Persian & Oriental Rugs is Hand Washing.

Persian Rug Specialist

Persian Rugs have been made for over 2500 years and are the finest Oriental Rugs ever made. The Persian Rug Cleaning procedure used on each Persian Rug is as individual as the rug itself. Each Persian Rug must be inspected for colour fastness, type of materials used to create the rug and construction. Our Persian Rug Experts have the experience to give all Persian Rugs the most professional carpet cleaning by Hand Washing.



“A stitch in time saves nine.”

Persian & Oriental Rugs are the most durable floor covering in the world. They serve us well. The more we use them, the more beautiful they become. But sometimes they need care that isn't always apparent. Persian & Oriental Rugs should be checked regularly for loose edges and small Oriental Rug Repairs. If not caught in time, they can become a major carpet restoration. Rug District is an Oriental and Persian Carpet Repair & Restoration Company that employs the services of expert craftspeople with decades of experience. Your precious Persian & Oriental Rugs are in good hands.



Oriental Rug Care & Maintenance

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