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Area Rug Cleaning Dundas - Persian & Oriental Rugs - Rug District

Rug District is your #1 Area Rug Cleaning company servicing the city of Dundas and surrounding areas. From buying, selling, repairing, or cleaning all area rugs, Rug District can assist. Since 1959, with over 60 years of experience, our specialty is only Persian, Oriental and Quality Area Rugs. With over 700,000 rugs washed in the last 60 years, we can definitely clean, repair, or restore all your Oriental and Area Rugs.

Rug District provides exceptional service and always receives 5-star customer testimonials.  As a family-run business, rugs have been part of the family forever. We specialize in cleaning, repairing, and fixing all types of area rugs. We can service all Persian, Oriental, Wool, Viscose, Afghan, Bamboo, and any other kind of area rug. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any rug cleaning questions or concerns.

Steam Cleaning Oriental Rugs will cause permanent damage!

A specialized rug cleaner will always protect your rug against harmful cleaning procedures by washing your rug by hand. Never have your precious rugs chemically or steam cleaned, as these processes will damage the delicate fibers of your rugs. Rug District goes above and beyond to remove dirt, dust, hair, sand, and other debris from deep in your rug's pile.

Special Care and Attention is Given to Each Rug

Before the cleaning process begins, many steps of precaution are taken.

Firstly, our professional technicians determine the best procedure to get the best results.

Secondly, a deep dusting is performed to remove all dust and dirt particles from deep in the rug pile.

Thirdly, our rug professionals treat the rug for colorfastness.

All of these precautions are taken to safeguard the rug. We understand that you love your rug!.

At Rug District, we perform area rug cleaning for Persian rugs, Oriental Rugs, and all other Quality Area Rugs.

Hand-Washing Rug Cleaning Service

As mentioned, we only offer specialized hand-washing rug cleaning services. Rugs deserve the most sensitive care and attention. Not only is each rug fabricated differently, but each rug also has special cleaning and care procedures.

Rest assured that as rug specialists, we know what your specific rug requires. While all rugs are different, all rugs should never experience harsh chemicals or machines while cleaning. Using these cleaning techniques can result in severely damaging the rug.

We understand that each rug is a work of art that must be handled and cared for with the highest standard of care. Choose the best rug cleaning service in Barrie for your area rug cleaning. Contact Rug District today regarding your rug requirements.


An Expert Rug Cleaning every 2 years

Area Rug Cleaning Dundas - Persian and Oriental Rugs

Maintain the freshness and integrity of your prized rug with our safe and friendly hand-washing rug cleaning techniques. When was the last time you washed your high-quality rug? Rug experts recommend washing your rug at least once every 2 years to protect your family's health and the integrity of the rug.

Expert Area Rug Repairs Dundas

Oriental Rug Repairs-Persian Rug Specialists-Rug District

All area rug repairs are done by expert craftspeople with more than 30+ years of rug repair experience. Our common rug repairs include fixing fringing, overcasting, binding, and overall carpet restoration. The Rug District team is highly trained, and skilled experts with a deep understanding of all area rugs. Does your rug require one of the following repairs?

  • Overcasting
  • Binding
  • Fringing
  • Rug restoration
  • Colour damage

Rug District will protect your investment with our precision, care and attention. Rest assured that all our rug repairs are inconspicuous. With 60 years of rug repair experience, we can repair your rug, guaranteed.

Persian Rugs - Oriental Carpets - Area Rug Repairs Dundas Ontario

Rug District expertly repairs all area rugs including Persian, Oriental, Indian, Chinese, Afghan, Turkish, and all other Area Rugs.

We will pick up the area rug, perform the repairs, and drop the rug back off when it's finished. Rest assured that our repair services will restore, refresh and revitalize your rug for many years to come.

Free Pick Up and Delivery across Dundas & Area

Persian Rug Cleaning Dundas

Not only is our rug cleaning services in Dundas affordable, but they are also convenient. With us, there is no need to worry about transporting your rug anywhere. Instead, we come to you for pick up and drop off.

Contact us, and we'll arrange for a free pick up and delivery of your rug once the cleaning is complete. Please allow two weeks for us to maintain and clean your prized rug properly.

Free Estimates | Free Pick up & Delivery

Oriental Rug Consignment Service Dundas-Rug District is where to sell your Persian and Oriental Rugs

Dundas Rug Consignment Service

Rug District is where to Sell your Persian & Oriental Rugs

Any Size, Age or Condition

Oriental Rug Consignment-Rug District is where to sell your Oriental & Persian Rugs in Dundas

Are you looking to sell your Persian and Oriental Rugs? 

Not only do we offer rug cleaning, and rug repairs, we also offer a rug consignment service. Instead of throwing out your rug, find out exactly how much your handmade rug is worth. You might be surprised to find out how much money you can receive for a new, or worn-out rug. We have the knowledge and technique to revitalize any area rug. So, instead of storing away your beautiful rug, let us appraise it. Receive top dollar for your unique area rug. Receive a free consultation today. 

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