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Workshop Rugs are made by multiple weavers at a time and are quite often made on very large looms. The Workshop is a company that employs skilled weavers. Oriental Rug workshops can be found in various countries across the Oriental Rug weaving regions.
The tools used, dyes and wool are supplied by the owners.
These handmade Oriental Rugs do not always follow original designs. The workers are given a pattern that must be followed in order to achieve the design of a rug.
The process of Workshop Rugs are more of a controlled looking design and are closely inspected for irregularities. These Oriental Rugs are usually extremely detailed and intricately crafted. It can take months, even years for the weavers to complete one rug!

All of our Workshop Rugs are in good condition and have had an expert area rug cleaning.

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Workshop Rugs

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