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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

At Rug District we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about your Oriental & Area Rugs. Here are some of the Carpet Cleaning FAQ :

How Often Should I Clean My Rug?

It is suggested that every 1-3 years, you have your Persian & Oriental Rugs Professionally Cleaned. Perhaps more if there are emergency spills or pet accidents, or an insect infestation. If any stain or pet accident is left for too long on your rug this could cause even further damage to your rugs. Also, pet urine and food stains and spills are a big attraction for moths and other insects. At Rug District we've been washing rugs from every corner of the world since 1959. By having your Oriental Rugs hand washed with our expert service you ensure that your rug will stay in its peak condition for many years to come.

How long does it take to have my area rugs cleaned?

Typically the average time of having your rugs cleaned is 2-4 weeks. This depends on how many rugs you have for cleaning and also if any repairs need to be done. The all natural, hand washing technique we use is a specialized wash designed for all Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs and Area Rugs. We even do an exclusive wash for antique Oriental rugs.

What types of rugs do you clean?

We clean all types of Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs and Area Rugs, and also antique rugs. All rugs are hand washed with our chemical-free cleaning method.

I have pets and my area rug smells, can you help?

If your rug smells like Fido, at Rug District we can help! We can safely and effectively deodorize any and every rug.

I'm moving can my rug be delivered to my new address?

Yes, Rug District will gladly deliver your rug to your new address.

Is it risky to have my expensive Oriental Rug cleaned?

No, not with our special hand washing technique that we use at Rug District. We take care of your precious Oriental rugs as if they were our own. We never use any harsh detergents or chemicals on your rugs. Before your rug is ever cleaned we carefully take the time to inspect your rug for any special needs it may require. You should never have your Oriental Rugs chemically or steam cleaned as these methods can damage the colours and fibres, destroying your precious Oriental Rugs. 

Can you appraise my Persian and Oriental Rugs?

Yes, one of our expert staff members will most definitely be able to appraise your Oriental rugs. With their extensive knowledge and understanding of all handmade Persian & Oriental Rugs, they will be able to identify some important features of your woven treasures. Give us a call at Rug District today and book a time to have your rugs expertly appraised!

Can my Oriental Rug be restored?

At Rug District besides our professional rug cleaning services, we do offer extensive repairs of rugs. Our expert repair people only use old world techniques, everything is done by hand. We only use the highest quality of materials to repair your rugs. Some repairs we offer are, fringing, binding, overcast and reweaving. It's very important to have your rug repaired as soon as you notice it's in need of repair. Letting a rug repair go can sometimes make matters worse, causing even more damage. Ignoring a repair can also lessen the value of your rug over time. Yes, at Rug District we can help you to restore your rug!

I just spilled a glass of red wine on my area rug, what should I do?

Don't cry over spilled milk or red wine! A few things you could do immediately are to try and blot the stain with a cotton cloth or heavy duty paper towels, do not rub, just try and lift as much liquid as you can. If there still remains a mark from the wine you could try adding some tepid water to a cloth and blotting some more. There is also a method using table salt. Pour a generous amount of table salt on the affected area, let it dry for a few hours. This will help to absorb any leftover wine. The salt will look sort of brittle and clumpy, then you need to dry it well and vacuum up the salt. However, the best thing you can do is to call the experts at Rug District. Even if you try these methods your best choice is to call Rug District and have your rug professionally cleaned. A stain like red wine, if left to sit could cause extensive damage to your Oriental Rug.

How long will my Oriental Rug last?

A handmade Oriental Rug or Persian Rug should last you a lifetime. A high quality, a handmade rug will offer you both durability and beauty. With proper care and maintenance, such as regular cleanings, and tending to repairs. You'll be able to proudly pass your  Oriental Rug onto future generations.

Why does my rug have such long fringe, and can I have it removed?

The fringe on a rug is part of the foundation. It's also a good indicator that your rug is authentic. Some people prefer a rug without any fringe, and some of us love it. If your fringe is too long for your liking we can have it trimmed for you, or it can be removed completely. If the fringe on your rug is an added on element and needs to be removed or fixed, we do that as well. Sometimes the fringe on a rug can suffer the most damage from heavy traffic, staining, or improper vacuuming. Often times people have them replaced. For any and all fringe needs, Rug District has you covered!

What do knots per square inch mean?

Knots per square inch are a common measurement in rugs used to determine how the rug was woven. These knots are measured by counting each knot across the back of a rug, both horizontally and vertically. Then these numbers are multiplied according to the size of the rug. You could compare the knots on a rug to the pixels on a TV or a computer screen. The more pixels the screen has, the more clear the picture. Just like a rug, the more knots on a rug the more clear and sharp the designs look. However, this is "knot" the most important thing in determining the value of a rug. There are many rugs with a lower knot count that are just as great and beautiful than those with a higher knot count.

What does a high pile mean?

A pile on a rug refers to the height of the wool on your rug. A high pile rug means that the fibres are taller and looser, a low pile means they are shorter and sometimes denser. A high pile rug does not mean it's better, as a higher pile rug can have some nasty run-ins with vacuums and their beater bars! But a high pile rug is generally better for higher traffic areas. Low pile or high, we'll gladly clean your rug!

I own pets. Can I still have an Oriental rug?

Yes, pets and Oriental rugs can very happily live together. When you have any pets, of course, you usually need to vacuum your rugs a lot more frequently. But if you want both it's a small price to pay! Of course, if accidents happen it's also best to get to them as soon as possible. As any urine smells can linger deep into the rug's pile even if you think it's all gone. Also, any leftover scent of urine can entice pets to go there again! The smell of urine can also be an invitation to moths and other insects. The best thing to do if your cat or dog has an accident on your Oriental rug is too get as much off as you can with a cloth and plain water. Never use any bleach sprays or other harsh chemicals on your rug. This can cause even bigger problems! Give us a call at Rug District! We also offer a deodorizing service for your rugs so you don't have to worry about any scent that might be left.

Will my rug fade over time?

If you don't rotate your rug and keep it out of the direct sunlight, yes this is a very real possibility. It's always a good idea not to expose your rug to direct sunlight as over time this will affect the colours. Also having a window covering, a sheer curtain or blinds can also help in this matter. The sun's UV rays are not only harmful to our skin but can do some terrible damage to your Persian & Oriental rugs. Natural dyes on a rug will typically fade after many years of use but this is to be expected and in the rug business it's called abrash. The abrash happens because the hand dyed, hand spun wool may not have had all the dye equally distributed, or some sections may have taken better than others. The abrash is actually beautiful on a rug and just adds more depth to your rug. If your rug is not made with natural dyes the colours will actually fade and change much faster, giving your rug a completely different look. But if it's an authentic Oriental rug made with all natural dyes this will always fair better.

Is a rug pad really necessary?

Yes, there's no substitute for a good underpad. The underpad will help your rug stay in place and it will also help with tripping or slipping. The underpad will also help your rug hold up in the rigours of a household environment. A rug pad will also help to cushion your rug and absorb the impact of high foot traffic.

Can I put my Silk Oriental rug on the floor?

We would recommend that a silk rug not be placed on the floor. Because of its delicate nature, a silk rug is much more suited as a wall hanging, or can be draped across a table, or a piece of furniture. A silk rug although beautiful will not hold up on floors like a wool rug.

What is abrash?

Abrash is a term used to describe the colour variations that happen over time on a handmade Oriental Rug. Because hand-woven rugs are characteristically imperfect, these variations of colour only add to their beauty, charm and authenticity.

Will my wool Oriental Rug resist soil?

Yes, wool is one of the most durable, natural materials that are used in the rug making process. Wool is inherently flame resistant and low in static, and yes it will help to resist soil, but the soil is different than staining. The lanolin in the wool is what we can attribute these wonderful qualities too. Wool also needs to be maintained on a regular basis, just because wool is durable does not mean you don't need to have your rug professionally cleaned.

What is meant by "the light side" and the "dark side" of my rug?

Every Oriental Rug has a light side and a dark side to them. This is created by the direction of the pile on the rug. When you are standing at one side of your rug it will look darker because you are seeing the shadow of the nap, from the opposite side of the rug it will appear lighter as you are looking across the nap of the rug.

I just inherited an Oriental Rug that I can't use, will you help me to sell it?

Yes, Rug District can help you to sell your Oriental Rugs. With our Oriental Rug consignment service, we strive to get you the best price possible.  If you are moving, downsizing or redecorating and need help selling a rug don't hesitate to call us.

How long will it take to have my Oriental Rug washed?

You can expect to have your Oriental Rug back within two to three weeks of when it was picked up. Some Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs will take up to three to four hand washings to yield the best results. If your Rug is being repaired this may extend the time frame.

Should I steam clean my Persian or Oriental Rug?

Never steam clean your Oriental Rug! This process could severely damage the fibres of your area rugs and also cause the colours to run. These issues may be irrecoverable and some, impossible to fix. Steam cleaning your Persian Rug or Oriental Rug will only cause damage. Save yourself the trouble and your Oriental Rug, by having it properly hand washed by our professional rug cleaning experts!

Will you clean my drapes, sofa and leather jacket too?

No, at Rug District we specialize in hand washing Rugs only. Our Rug experts are focused on cleaning your Persian and Oriental Rugs the right way. Not your sofa, drapes or leather jacket. 
If we haven't answered your question please feel free to contact us, one of our expert staff members would be happy to help!
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