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Green Oriental Rugs are often used to signify new life, hope and Spring. Green in very old Persian Rugs is more of a rarity as it is said to be the Prophet Mohammad's (PBUH) chosen colour. It is to some very sacred and also a symbol of paradise. Therefore, it is usually saved for use on very spectacular Persian Rugs, or a rug that is considered to be magnificent. Often found on the corners of a rug as to not be walked on all too frequently.
  A Green Oriental Rug is achieved by first dying the wool with the indigo plant to obtain blue, and then dyeing it yellow. This is done with saffron, vine leaves and chamomile flowers.
 A Green Persian Rug can also be considered very calming and soothing in a space.

All of the Green Persian and Oriental Rugs are in good condition and have had an expert area rug cleaning.

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