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Blue Oriental Rugs can convey relaxing and calming energy to your room. Most often an Oriental Rug will use blue as the main colour, or as the predominant colour of the field.
 It can also be found used as an accent colour in many Persian and Oriental Rugs. Blue can make warmers hues such as yellows, or rust colours really stand out.
 A Blue Persian Rug is said to represent trust, loyalty and honesty. Blue also eludes to the afterlife and is used to represent hope. It is common to be paired with the tree of life or a cypress tree.
  Blue in a Persian Rug is extremely popular. The woad plant was used long ago to make the colour blue, however, it never seemed to give the right shades. It wasn't until the discovery of the indigo plant that blues could have such vibrant and rich undertones.

All of the Blue Persian and Oriental Rugs are in good condition and have had an expert area rug cleaning.

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