Oriental Rug Cleaning


   Best way to clean an Oriental Rug!

Best way to clean an oriental rug - Handwashing -Oriental Rug Cleaning near me

Rug District has been handwashing Oriental Rugs for over three generations.

We understand all of your Oriental Rug cleaning needs and concerns.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Near me - Oriental Rug Cleaning

Not all Oriental Rug Cleaning methods are created equally!

Never have your woven treasures chemically or steam cleaned.

Steam cleaning Oriental Rugs will strip the natural oils from the wool, causing premature wear.

 A professional Oriental Rug cleaning will remove harmful dirt from deep in the pile,

restore the wool's luster, and give new life to all those glorious colours!

Rug District cleans Oriental Rugs the old way, the right way,
by Hand Washing.
Experts and collectors worldwide recommend that Oriental Rugs should have an Oriental rug cleaning every 1-3 years.
Oriental Rugs subjected to heavy use should be washed more often.

Do you know what your Oriental Rugs are hiding?

Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me

Up to 43 Pounds Of Dirt!
Oriental Rugs know how to hide the dirt. They’re experts at it! 
 But did you know that a 6' x 9' Oriental Rug can hide up to 43 pounds of
pollutants, fungus, chemicals, pollens,
odours, bacteria, germs, moth eggs, dust mites, and more?
An expert Oriental Rug cleaning will remove everything from deep in the pile!


Oriental Rug Cleaning Toronto - Oriental Rug Cleaning Near me

7 Reasons to Wash Your Oriental Rugs 

  • Protect the fibers of your Oriental Rugs
  • Avoid Moth or other Insect Damage
  • Restore your Oriental Rug's former glory
  • Extend your Oriental Rugs lifespan
  • Maintain your Oriental Rugs Value
  • Remove pet odours and hair
  • Because you love your Oriental Rugs! 

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  Oriental Rug Care & Maintenance 

Oriental Rug Cleaning


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