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Sell Used Oriental Rugs in Toronto

Oriental Rug Consignment Near Me - where to sell used Oriental Rugs near me - Used Oriental Rugs

This how to sell a Persian Rug

Rug District offers a convenient Oriental Rug Consignment Service to help you sell your Persian Rugs and Oriental Carpets.

We understand that tastes change over time, and you may have an Oriental Rug that no longer fits your current décor.or you've inherited.

Instead of leaving it in storage, our consignment service allows you to showcase your Persian Rugs and Oriental Carpets to potential buyers, maximizing its value and finding a new home where it will be appreciated..

Used Oriental Rugs near me-worn persian rugs

Here's how our consignment process works:

Assessing the value of your Oriental Rugs

How to sell a Persian Rug - Sell Persian Rugs near me

Our team of rug experts will carefully evaluate your Oriental Rug's condition, quality, and market value.

We consider factors such as age, origin, design, and materials used to determine its potential selling price.

A fair price for your rugs

Where can I sell my persian rug - Where to sell Persian Rugs

Based on our assessment, we will work with you to determine a competitive and fair selling price for your Oriental Rug.

Our goal is to ensure you receive the best value.

How we promote your Persian Rugs & Oriental Carpets

Where to sell Persian Rugs near me-How to sell Persian Rugs

Once the price is agreed upon, we will take high-quality photographs of your rug and create a compelling listing for our website.

We leverage our extensive network of rug enthusiasts, collectors, and interior designers to promote your Oriental Rug.

Our marketing efforts include social media campaigns, email newsletters, and collaborations with industry influencers,

ensuring maximum exposure for your consigned rug.

Rug District handles all aspects of the sale

Where to sell Oriental Rugs Near Me - How to sell Oriental Rugs

When a buyer is interested in purchasing your rug, we handle all aspects of the transaction,

including negotiation, secure payment processing, and shipping logistics.

We strive to provide a seamless experience for both sellers and buyers.

Sale is split 60/40. You get 60%

Sell Oriental Rugs Near Me- Where to sell Oriental Rugs

Once your Oriental rug is sold, we will deduct a consignment fee of 40%.

You will receive the remaining amount of 60% as a settlement, providing you with a hassle-free way to monetize your rug.

We Sell Used Oriental Rugs of Any Size, Age or Condition

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