Tips On Selling Oriental Rugs

Tips On Selling Oriental Rugs

 How to Sell Your Persian & Oriental Rugs

You might find yourself with an Oriental Rug that is no longer wanted. Perhaps you're moving, inherited an Oriental Rug, or maybe your taste has changed. Whatever the reason, here are some tips sell used rugs:

Try the old fashioned local newspaper

 1. You could try placing an ad in the local newspaper. Although this seems like an old fashioned method, it can still generate some worthy responses. Since you only have limited space in the newspaper, be sure to include details about your Persian & Oriental Carpets.

Sell your Oriental Rugs Online

 2. If you chose the digital route you could include Craigslist, Kijiji or ebay. Indicate what your price is, and what you paid for the rug. Mention whether your price is firm or negotiable. Make sure you include as many photos as you can, add a detailed description of your Oriental Rug, the age
(if you know) and very importantly, the size! Try to mention the Oriental Rugs attributes, it's colours, unusual designs and what material it is made from. Whatever you think is a feature of your Oriental Rug should most definitely be included. Take as many clear photos as you can, make sure to include a close-up, and the back of the rug. Also, if the Oriental Rug looks like it is signed or dated, be sure to also include that information.

Find an Established Oriental Rug Dealer

 3. If you are in the market for a new rug, you might find a rug dealer who is willing to take your Old Oriental Rug and give you credit towards a new Persian Rug. This works best if you can find an established Oriental Rug Dealer with a good reputation.

Selling Your Oriental Rugs at Auction

 4. Consider sending it to an auction, although this can sometimes be a more expensive solution. But it also has its benefits. There just might be a buyer who loves your Oriental Rug so much and is willing to pay anything. You do also have the option of putting a reserve on your Oriental Rug, to make sure you just don't give it away. Inquire whether or not the auction house can display your Oriental Rug properly and include it in their catalogue or listing.

Professionally Clean your Oriental Rugs

5. Selling Oriental Rugs that are clean is also a very important factor. If it has been sitting in your attic or basement for a long period of time, it probably needs a good professional cleaning. Also, consider any repairs your rug might need. Rips or tears, or any other visual damage should also be tended to. Contact an Oriental Rug cleaning company. Not only will they clean your Oriental Rug, but they should also be able to assist you in any repairs you might need doing. If your Oriental Rug is in top-notch condition, it will increase the chances for top dollar.

Contact the Experts at Rug District

 6. Your best choice is contacting Rug District! Not only do we Expertly Clean and Repair, but we also offer our Exclusive Oriental Rug Consignment Service. Rug District will visit your home for a free consultation. Consigning your Oriental, Persian Rugs & Carpets is so convenient. Rug District will ensure your complete privacy and will strive to get you top dollar for your precious Persian & Oriental Rugs.
Selling Oriental Rugs can be a satisfying experience for all parties involved.
Just remember this " bartering is more of a dance than a battle."

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