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Red Oriental Rugs are thought to invoke the feeling of joy, happiness enthusiasm and courage. Red is also an indication of faith and a vibrant and strong life force. Red is the colour of fire, the feeling of passion and can sometimes invoke a very strong feeling in people, negative and positive.
 Red is often times added to a Persian Rug in order to draw attention or to highlight even further certain motifs and patterns. Red is used quite liberally in many Persian and Oriental Rugs.
 A Red Oriental Rug can bring a lively and vibrant feeling to any space. It's brave and bold and is sure to make a statement.

Red Rugs

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Persian Rug Bahktiari 5' x 8'
$950.00 $2,500.00
Indian Rug Sarouk 8' x 10'
$1,000.00 $4,900.00