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Black Persian & Oriental Rugs

Rug District is where to buy and sell Black Persian and Oriental Rugs.

Black Oriental Rugs can give a feeling of intrigue and mystery. Black is most often used as an outline colour and is rarely found in Antique Persian Rugs as the main field colour. However, modern Oriental rugs do use black as the main colour. When used as an outline, black is very successful at making other colours and designs pop. It can be instrumental in making a Persian Rug that much more vibrant.
 The colour Back in Oriental Rugs is often mistaken for dark brown and very deep indigo blues.
  One of the most common types of Oriental Rugs to include Black would be the Afghan Balouchi Rug, modern Hamadan Persian Rugs and modern decorative rugs from Indian and China.

All of the Black Persian and Oriental Rugs are in good condition and have had an expert area rug cleaning.

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Black Rugs

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