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Oriental Rug Appraisals Persian and Oriental Rugs Toronto Canada

Rug District offers Oriental Rug Appraisals for all your woven treasures. Our experts are able to identify and value all Persian and Oriental Rugs from across the rug weaving regions of the world.

The Oriental Rug market has changed dramatically over the past few years and decades. And the value of your Persian and Oriental carpets may have changed too. High-quality carpets are becoming harder to find as carpets weaving countries become industrialized. So what are you Persian & Oriental Rugs worth?

Modernity may be killing Iran’s pride and joy — The Persian rug

High-quality rugs are going up in price. Protect your investment with a proper Oriental Rug Appraisal.

How does it work?

Whenever you want to appraisal your woven treasure One of our Oriental Rug Experts will visit your home to do a thorough examination of your rugs. They will be examining the quality, including materials used, construction, design, colours and dyes, condition and more.

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