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Persian and Oriental Rugs have been made for over 2500 years. Oriental Carpets are made to last generations. They are so durable and beautiful. Oriental Rugs lay on the floor year after year never showing their age. But deep in the pile there is harmful dirt and dust that is slowly damaging your precious Oriental Rugs. This grit acts like sandpaper, slowly breaking down the fiber as you walk on it. We don’t see it, but it’s there!

That is why Oriental Rugs & Carpets should have a professional carpet cleaning to remove all the dirt that is deep in the pile. Trust the experts at Rug District to give your Oriental & Area Rugs the professional carpet cleaning they deserve.

Not all Oriental Rug Cleaning methods are created equally!

Never have your Oriental & Area Rugs chemically or steam cleaned. These processes will strip the natural oils from the wool causing premature wear.

Rug District cleans rugs the old way, the right way, by Hand Washing.

A professional oriental rug cleaning will remove harmful dirt from deep in the rug, restore the luster to the pile, and will give new life to all those glorious colours that you forgot existed!

Experts and collectors from around the world recommend that Oriental & Area Rugs should have a professional oriental rug cleaning every 1-3 years. Oriental Rugs and Carpets that are subjected to heavy use should be washed more often.

Special Washes for Antique & Vintage Rugs

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  Expert Oriental Rug Repairs

“A stitch in time, saves nine.”

Rug District is Canada’s leading Oriental & Persian Carpet Repair & Restoration Company. Our expert craftspeople have decades of experience restoring the finest rugs. Whether it’s a small Oriental Rug Repair or major carpet restoration services, you will be guaranteed the best results in the industry.



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More about our Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

Imagine having the most durable piece of art that you could walk on? An Oriental Rug is just that, although extremely durable, proper care and cleaning must be done in order for you to maintain your rugs integrity.  Your Oriental & Area Rugs need a professional carpet cleaning every one to three years. This will help ensure that your Oriental & Area Rug stays beautiful and luxurious for many years to come.

At Rug District we have been hand washing Persian, Oriental & Area Rugs for over three generations. We understand all of your rug needs and concerns, and realize that no two rugs are alike. Every Persian & Oriental Rug tells us a unique story. That’s why we examine  each and every rug carefully before the carpet cleaning process begins. With free pick up and delivery having your rugs cleaned is easy and convenient.

The most dangerous dirt in your Oriental Rug is hiding deep in the pile. Seeping in over time into the pile and eventually embedding itself deep into the knots. If the Oriental Rug Cleaning process is not done correctly it could cause extensive damage!

Not having your Oriental Rugs cleaned on a regular basis could potentially lead to a shorter life span. Your Oriental Rug could last you well over a hundred years if cared for properly, eventually becoming a heartfelt heirloom that could be passed down through the generations. Rug District wants to help you to protect your investment.

Unfortunately, many people forget the importance of having their Oriental Rugs cleaned on a regular basis. A dirty rug that is not cared for is a hotbed for germs. Dirt, dust, bacteria, allergens and insects can lead to many issues. If you have an Oriental Rug in a very high traffic area or have cats and dogs in your home, it’s recommended to have a professional Oriental Rug Cleaning more frequently Pet dander and tiny food particles can actually start to weaken the fibers of your Oriental Rug. If that’s not bad enough, a rug that is dirty is like an open invitation to moths and other insects that could use your rug like a silver platter. Feasting on all the dirt, debris, and then the wool itself. Before you know it, your once exquisite rug is now a holey mess that you can see through! If you are a proud pet owner we know you might encounter issues with the scent of your Oriental Rug.

If you’ve had an area rug stored in improper conditions, like a dusty attic or a damp basement, this could leave your carpet smelling musty . Rug District offers the additional service of having your rugs deodorized. This is also a natural and chemical free solution and is done after the rug is cleaned and dried.

At Rug District we ensure that your Oriental Rug is thoroughly cleaned back, front and deep in the pile. First your rug will be dusted, deeply removing all of the dust and dirt from the pile. Then the hand washing process will begin, and all of the remaining harmful dirt is then removed. A special Ph balanced, all natural soap is used, which is safe for any rug, including antique, wool and silk. We never use any harsh chemicals or steam during our Oriental Rug Cleaning process.  The Oriental Rugs are then very carefully air dried in a climate controlled environment. The proper drying of your Oriental Rug is essential in order to avoid shrinkage and mold issues.

If your rug is in need of any Oriental Rug Repairs, we have superior staff that specialize in all repairs for every kind of Persian and Oriental Rugs. An inspection of your area rugs is important and recommended to do at least once a year. A little repair that needs to be fixed, if not attended to could grow into a much larger problem. But rest assured because our remarkable team of rug experts will ensure that any repairs, including binding, restorations or fringes will be meticulously done to your satisfaction.

At Rug District we make getting your Oriental Rugs cleaned easy. With our Free Pick Up and Delivery, and our proven hand washing technique, your Oriental Rugs will look like new! It’s no secret that we’re pros at cleaning your rugs!