Turkish Soumak Rug Flatweave Wool & Silk

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Turkish Soumak Rug 3'3"x4"5" Wool & Silk Flatweave. Excellent Condition.

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Turkish Soumak Rug

Made from Wool & Silk

A flatwoven rug made with geometric patterns and tribal motifs including birds.

Handwoven with fine wool and embroidered with pure silk.

The striking colours of this Turkish Soumak rug will dazzle your soul!

Use it on the floor, wall or a table.

Turkish Soumak Rugs are named after the town of Shemakja where they were first made.

The interesting designs are unique to each rug that is made.

Often they are found in attached pairs. But the two are never exactly alike.

The intricate designs are passed down from generation to generation.

This rug will add a wonderful new dimension to your home.

Size: 3’3″ x 4’5″

Age: Vintage

Condition: Excellent