How to protect your Oriental Rug from damage

How to protect your Oriental Rug from damage

Our team at Rug District receives numerous inquiries about ways to protect your Oriental Rug from permanent damage. Can you make sure your Oriental Rug stays fresh, colourful and clean for decades?

Probably not, but our experts at Rug District share some insightful ideas on preventing damage to your rugs. Here's how:

Take a photo of your new Oriental rug.

It's very helpful when our customers have a photo of their rug in its pristine, new state, and it helps to assess its lifespan later. As soon as you buy a rug, take some photos of it as a keepsake. It will come in handy later!

Don't walk on your rugs. 

Okay, we're just kidding of course! Rugs are meant to be walked on and therefore getting them dirty and rougher than when they were first purchased is inevitable. The one thing you can avoid, is having people walk on them with shoes on. Shoes can bring in dirt and water from the outside, so if you must walk with shoes on in your house (as is customary in some cultures) then be sure to change them into indoor shoes to avoid long-term damage.

Do ensure to dry drips immediately.

If you happen to spill any water or other beverages on your Oriental rug, be sure to blot them dry right away! Avoid scrubbing and using paper-based materials such as paper towels or tissue paper, and instead use a clean soft cloth or towel to blot dry. Move the cloth around every time you blot, this will ensure you're picking up most of the moisture using a clean part of the cloth. 

Avoid the sun as much as possible. 

Our Rug District experts advise that the powerful rays of the sun can dull any natural (or even synthetic) colours which may have been used in the making of your Oriental rug. If your Oriental rug is placed in the sun, it will inevitably fade over time, as most natural materials (even wood) will. 

Move and store tips.

If you are moving, be sure to roll up your Oriental rug rather than fold it up. If you need to store it for a bit of time, roll it and wrap it inside a plastic casing so no moths will invade your Oriental rug. If you are no longer sure if you want to keep your rug, contact us! We are able to assess its quality and possibly talk about selling your oriental rug on consignment.  

Clean food, dirt, and pet messes carefully.

If you happen to spill some solids on your Oriental rug, carefully pick them up using a clean cloth or towel. The sooner you do this, the better chances of avoiding the solids to be stepped on by others and smeared to other delicate fibers. Never rub an Oriental rug that has suffered a solid spill on it! Take the tube end of the vacuum cleaner and carefully suck out the solids, being extra careful not to rub the dirt in farther. Then, consult with a professional Oriental rug cleaner, such as Rug District. 

Have your Oriental Rug expertly assessed.

At Rug District, one of our specialties is the professional Oriental rug cleaning aspects of the industry. We can assess your Oriental rug for damage, and repair it professionally so it will last longer than most generations!

At Rug District, we have bought, sold, and placed Oriental rugs on consignment for some time now, and our expertise encompasses many industry professionals. Your Oriental rug will last much longer and be more bright, clean, and beautiful with our special tips here. 


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