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What's In an Oriental Rug Name?

What's In an Oriental Rug Name?

What's in Oriental Rug Names?

Oriental Rug Names conjure up images of faraway exotic lands, they sound mysterious and romantic - but how do these beautiful rugs get their names?
A Brief History Lesson
Oriental Rugs are named for their design, tribes or the location of origin. For example here are a few names of oriental rugs:
Aubusson - An Aubusson Rug comes from the villages of Aubusson and Felletin, which are located in central France. However, these rugs are also produced in India, China and Pakistan. Old Aubusson rugs are often very large in size and can feel very luxurious. The design of these rugs are made up of floral designs and motifs and are usually soft pastel colours - especially, ivory, blue, and pink tones. 
Bokhara - These rugs come from Afghanistan and central Asia. They are made in many different sizes and most often include a jewel-toned background. A Bokhara rug can have as many as 5 to 8 colours repeated in a pattern. These rugs are a highly styled pattern that is repeated all over the rug.
Chobi - A Chobi Rug is also known as a Peshawar rug and is traditionally made in Pakistan. The colours are most often earthy, golden tones which seem to lend themselves to an "antique" feel. Chobi rugs have symmetrical borders and floral motifs.
-Gabbeh - Gabbeh rugs are a Persian style rug. They are traditionally made in southwest Iran. The word Gabbeh is Farsi meaning "raw" or "natural". A Gabbeh rug is usually a geometric style which often includes stripes. These rugs are very well suited to a modern interior.
Kazak - A Kazak rug is traditionally woven in Afghanistan and Armenia. "Qazak" is actually a city in northwest Azerbaijan. The Kazak rug is most often made up of deep indigo's, dark reds and ivory colours. The design on these rugs features animals, flowers and tribal medallions.
Oushak - Oushak rugs are from Turkey and can be almost shimmering and silky looking in their wool. Oushaks lean towards shades of cinnamon, terracotta and greys. Some Oushaks also include pastel colours. Generally, Oushaks are made of large scale geometric floral patterns.  
Kashan - These rugs are from Iran and can be very elaborate in their colour. Some Kashan rugs can have as many as 15 to 25 colours. Kashan rugs are decorated with unique looking central medallions and floral motifs.
Qashqai - Qashqai rugs come from Iran. They are usually very bold and combine geometric designs with tribal designs. These rugs are often made of 6 to 9 colours which can include, gold and yellow tones, deep indigo blues and rich intense reds. -
Overdyed Rugs -  These overdyed rugs started in Istanbul as a way to perk up or to brighten faded rugs. Overdyed rugs are usually bleached and the colours are diffused with various washing techniques. Then the rugs are dyed over so that the original design is still visible through a more muted colour. The design of an overdyed rug varies, depending on the type of rug they are working on. -
There are so many other types of oriental rugs, but whatever the name, they all seem to transport us to beautiful, mystical places.

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