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Latest Trends in Oriental Rugs

Latest Trends in Oriental Rugs

In 2015, trends in antique Oriental Rugs are proving they are more popular than ever.

Design trends come and go, they continuously change and evolve. Perhaps they make us reconsider our past decorating choices or inspire us to make some newer, exciting choices.
In 2015, Oriental rugs are proving, they are more popular then ever.Today's trends are emphasizing the vibrant colours, and celebrating a variety of styles. More and more people are recognizing and appreciating  the art and beauty of oriental rugs. After all, investing in an oriental rug will often times last beyond the lifetime of the original owner.
Rugs work with any interior, no matter what your decor of choice is. Modern or classic, oriental rugs can be found in every style of decorating. They are most definitely here to stay!

Here are some of the top Rug Trends in 2015:

Big and bold colour.
If your brave enough for this trend, you'll find many exciting new oriental rugs to fit your style. Some of the most popular colour choices for this trend include pinks, corals, turquoise and cobalt blue.
If this makes you cringe, don't worry, rugs with organic and geometric shapes and designs are also on trend. More often then not, these come in soft colours and are wonderfully suited for modern interiors, they pair well with monochromatic colour schemes. These colour choices are great for bringing the outdoors in. They can help to create a very serene feeling. Soft greys and muted pastels are found in many of these rugs.
Texture is  another trend.
A higher pile on a rug creates so much texture in a room. A rug with such body is also great for high traffic areas. These rugs under your feet, give such comfort. Their thick texture adds such a soft and cushy feel, wonderfully suited to those of us with sensual natures. A high pile rug also does not show dirt as readily as those with a shorter pile.
Flat woven Kilims are big this year.
These are usually made by hand, many are made from Persian highland wool or natural silk. Kilims are also very popular in the area of Pakistan. These Kilims often feature geometric designs and rigged patterns. Kilims can also be used as a throw, maybe draped on the side of a chair. There is no backing on these rugs and can be used in many different ways when decorating.
Over-Dyed Rugs.
Perhaps one of the biggest trends in recent years. Originally these rugs were thought of, in order to repurpose vintage rugs.
Overdyed rugs are made by bleaching the colour from an older oriental rug, and then re-dyeing them over with natural. organic, plant-based dyes. These overdyed rugs are very appealing, as the original design still shows through the newly applied colour. These can be found in a huge variety of colours. They are a perfect mix of old and new, an excellent choice for the conservationist.
Among the Over Dyed trend, are Patchwork Rugs.
These are created by cutting certain sections of vintage rugs, and then sewing them together to form a new rug. Usually, these are made with a very thick hand stitch. These patchwork rugs are made to look new by undergoing the overdyed method.
Oriental Rugs themselves, are a trend that never seems to go. The styles may change through the years, but the basic concept and beauty of this art will be with us forever.

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  • Tanya Shea