The Secret Life Of Persian Rugs-Heriz

The Secret Life Of Persian Rugs-Heriz

The Secret Life Of Persian Rugs:

Chapter 2: Harold The Heriz

The Secret Life of Persian Rugs-Heriz

I've been around a long time, been lugged across the world, met many intriguing people and have witnessed many, many interesting things. I should introduce myself to you, I'm Harold, the Heriz.

Meet Harold, The Persian Carpet

Born in the county of Heriz, Iran. Near the slopes of Mount Sabalan. Surrounded by springs, and it's unique soil that is heavily rich in copper. A very enchanting place, from what I can remember.

The Mighty 9X12 Heriz

I was born in 1959, I'm a sixty-year-old Persian Rug. I'm a big guy, 9X12 to be exact. It took the weavers over three years to make me. I am stronger than most, my hand-knotted wool is infused with the strength of copper.

Made To Last For Generations

 Bold and durable, made to last for generations. My designs are large and geometric looking. Some people say I look tribal. I am distinctive looking, and yes I'm tough! 

 When I left Iran as a young Persian rug, I Bravely travelled halfway around the world. My home became Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

It's Not Easy Being A Persian Rug

I've been through so much in this life, I've seen it all, felt it all. I have had food and drink spilled on me, babies crawl across me, stiletto heels have pressed into me, and dirty work boots have stomped across me. It's not easy being a Persian Rug.

I live in what you would call a "charming" neighbourhood. Well kept gardens, and the streets lined with rows of maple trees. In an old red brick, Victorian-looking home. I was placed in the living room and sit under a colourful window of stained glass.

I share the house with Mr. and Mrs. Clayton. There used to be five kids. It used to be a really busy place you know. People in and out, lots of traffic walking all over me. Countless Christmas's, birthday parties, break ups, makeups, family dinners. We've been through it all together, and most of it took place on me.

Over the years I've been vacuumed a lot. Dusted around, halfway lifted sometimes so the floor underneath me could be cleaned. Gone through at least three renovations. I used to think I had it all, I would tell myself, Harold you're a lucky guy! I was, until the last renovation. The last one was about ten years ago and I haven't been the same since.

Time had not been all that kind to me. I was beginning to show my age. All the traffic had taken a toll. At the entrance of where I was laid in the living room, my fringes were wearing off. I began to unravel and pieces of me were falling off and landing inside the vacuum cleaner. I cringed when I heard that violent machine! It hurt so much, imagine parts of you being so cruelly sucked up by a vacuum!

If that was not enough for one rug to handle, the Mrs. was gifted a large plant inside of a heavy clay planter. After the renovation was completed she decided it would be perfect with her newly arranged living room. She also decided to have her husband place it right on top of me!

Not that I have anything against plants, but Mrs. Clayton seemed to have overlooked the fact that the clay planter had holes in the bottom! Each time she watered the plant, she was also, unfortunately, watering me.

Well, wouldn't ya know it, the plant grew, and grew until it started to outgrow the big planter. The leaves touched me, dangled down on my wool. Beneath that clay planter, I was slowly rotting away. Day by day, I suffered alone in silence and I knew that I was dying.

They never seemed to notice the damage on me. I was in severe pain from my rotting wool. I was not only old but also disintegrating more and more. All the while I was suffering, and desperately needed repair. I never thought it would have come to this, I never thought I would have to admit this, but I needed to be saved.

One Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Clayton had a houseful. It sort of felt like old times. The doorbell rang repeatedly. All the now grown-up kids were there and even some of their kids. I tried my very best to enjoy the visit. But I was in so much pain from my wet and rotting wool. I didn't know how much time I had left. I didn't enjoy being walked on anymore, or even being admired. I felt like I was dying and no one, not a soul noticed.

After an hour or so, another guest arrived. This one had a dog. A big, and scary, drool dripping down its face sort of dog. He growled at me, and his ears stood up. I thought, Oh dog what do want with an old rug like me? Please just leave me alone!

I'll never know what got into him but all of a sudden his growls became deep and serious. Then he started to do the unthinkable! He actually had the audacity to bite at my corner, damaging the other end of me! Now both ends of my fringes needed fixing! Can you imagine, this dog was destroying me, trying to pull me apart, trying to unravel me! The nerve, the nerve of this dog! 

  Of course, this caused quite a commotion in the living room. Everyone in that house had to come and see what that dog had done to me! The owner, of course, apologized and said he would gladly pay for any of the damage that his dog had done.

Rug Cleaning And Repair

Then, emerging from the crowd, low and behold, one of Mr. Clayton's sons mentions " I know of a great Rug Cleaning company, Mary and I just got an area rug cleaned last week it turned out incredible. I think it's called Rug District. They deal with all sorts of rugs. Cleaning and repairing! They do Oriental Rug Cleaning, Persian Rug Cleaning, Area Rugs even fine Silk Rugs. Every rug service you could imagine"! Then he added," They also offer free pick up and delivery, and we thought their customer service was great"!

Well, let me tell you, I suddenly loved what that dog had done to me! If it weren't for him trying to rip me to shreds, boy, I don't know if I'd be telling you this story right now! Finally, it seemed that I, Harold the Heriz would survive. There was hope. Now it was just a waiting game.

Prompt Service From Rug District!

Much to my surprise I never waited long at all. The very next afternoon, the doorbell rings and who was at the door you ask? Well, it was none other than a gentleman from Rug District, a Persian Rug Expert! He first said that I was a very handsome looking Heriz Rug. He knelt down to inspect my weakened condition. He explained to Mr. and Mrs, Clayton that they had expert rug repair people on staff and that my old, almost non-existent fringes could be repaired without a problem. His diagnosis was re-fringing at both ends

This was great news! The very moment I had been waiting for. He started to move the furniture off of me, which of course always feels good. It's sort of like taking off your socks and shoes at the end of a long day.

Then he did what I precisely needed, he moved that heavy clay, bane of my existence, planter off of me. AHHH what a relief. I just knew that he would save me. Needless to say, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton were so embarrassed about this. Especially Mrs. Clayton because after so many years she hadn't even noticed.  He said that I had some very severe damage. There was a hole in me!

The diagnosis was more serious than anyone had expected. The list of repairs included re-fringing and lock stitching to keep the rest of me intact! Also a complete re-weaving of where my rot was. This would include new warp and weft. Basically, after these repairs, I would be like a new man, I mean a new rug!

He then began to roll me up and carried me away. I was a little nervous, but I had this feeling that we were about to embark on a great journey together. I was finally going to be fixed! He also suggested a professional rug cleaning, I had never been happier!

 While I was away I was treated with such respect and dignity. I was not treated like just any old rug or a vintage rug. It was truly remarkable just how highly regarded I was.

Yes, I, Harold the Heriz would be tough and durable again! These people knew everything about me. Where I was born, my knots per square inch and even my exact age! I tell ya, they sure know how to treat a rug! I just knew that their rug cleaning and repair would be amazing!

Eventually, after my carpet cleaning procedure was done, I was handed over for my rug repair services. My wool stood up extra tall, like the hairs on your arm when you're scared.

It took the weaver some dedicated time to complete me. As one end of me was completely replaced with new fringes. My weakened corner where the dog had tried to tear me apart, had to be completely restructured. My rotted area had to be removed and rewoven. This meant new warp and weft with the proper wool and the exact matching of my colours. I was going to have an extensive rug restoration!

It's been a while now that I've been back home. I've settled in again, and guess what? The big, bad planter is gone! The Clayton's were so happy at the way I turned out! Mrs.Clayton said that from now on every couple years I'll be sent out for a professional carpet cleaning and I know they'll check me over for any repairs I might need!

Let this be a lesson to you kids, don't ignore your Persian Rugs! I strongly suggest that you please contact Rug District for any rug concern. Take it from me, a seasoned Persian Rug, they are the best rug cleaners around!

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