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The Secret Life of Persian Rugs-Sarouk

The Secret Life of Persian Rugs-Sarouk

The Secret Life Of Persian Rugs:

Chapter 3: Samantha The Sarouk

The Secret Life of Persian Rugs-Sarouk

Hi, my name is Samantha, how do you do? This is a once-secret part of my life story, lived as a Persian Rug.

Woven as an incredibly hand-knotted, striking Persian Sarouk Rug. Some might even describe me as beautiful. Born in Iran in 1943, yes that's probably quite a bit older than you are. Instead of "old" or a vintage rug, I like to say that I'm a fine antique. 

Canada has always felt like home. I don't have much recollection of living in Iran but have heard that I am from the Arak weaving district of Iran.

I am a heavy body type of rug. My pile is thick and dense, the foundation is made of cotton and my designs are of elaborate looking lovely florals. Colourful as well, woven in reds, blues, ivory with a slight tinge of yellow around my edges. Of course, you will also find the trademark colour of almost every Sarouk Rug on me as well, Salmon Pink.

My medallion is, of course, one of my best features. It's a hexagon shape, and it makes me very eye-catching. My colours stand out and so do my very pronounced designs.

Living most of my life in Ontario, Canada. In a big city called Toronto. The house was very spacious and large. Placed in the immense living room, I happily spent most of my time there as an admired Persian Carpet.

Having lived with some fine and exquisite things, my life was mostly spent admiring beauty. My owners collected Art. Among me were renaissance like imposing bronze statues, priceless paintings. ornate looking hand-carved furniture and a large and impressive marble fireplace. 

My life was wonderful! Never was I regarded as just a boring area rug. Besides living in such a high-end glamorous home, I simply adored my owners. There was Mr. Edward James Lexington the III and his wife, Florence Jane.

There were a housekeeper and a cook. I never knew the cook, but the housekeeper and I became very good friends. her name was Macy. She tended to that home with such care and loved to sing while she immaculately vacuumed me.

Mr. Lexington was a very successful lawyer and Florence first started out as a telephone operator and then became his secretary. They travelled quite a bit so whenever they would return home I was always so eager to see them. They never had any children but kept a very busy social life.

There were always big, fancy dinner parties for at least ten, and every occasion was carefully planned by Mrs. Lexington. I was always noticed and remarked about, especially during their elaborate parties.

Crystal glasses toasting, expensive shoes happily clicking and jewellery slightly clinking from their dance. It was a complete whirlwind! With so much laughter and chatter, I immensely enjoyed these occasions and they all took place on me.

It began to become a quieter place., and over the years the company stopped coming so frequently. There were less and less fancy dinners, and Macy had since retired. Mr. and Mrs. Lexington had both become "antique" themselves.

There were only low and quiet voices every now and again. Both had aged and were somewhat frail. Mr. Lexington used a cane, and the Mrs.could barely walk. The living room was basically void of humans, being walked on was a rarity.

After some time, there was extreme quietness. The bird's chirp from outside was a highlight on most days. The occasional chime of the doorbell could be heard but was barely ever answered.

Being not such a young Persian Rug anymore, things, unfortunately, began to feel different. I desperately longed to hear Macy sing to me again, to be cleaned, to be gathered around, to be danced on. The days grew longer and I grew distressed and tired.

One day as I lay sleeping two men suddenly came in the room. They wore heavy dirty work boots and aggressively came at me trying to move me. At first, they tried to fold me. They eventually realized that I could not be folded. Finally, they rolled me up and tied my ends very tightly, with thick rope. I was then haphazardly thrown into the back of a van

After a short and all too bumpy ride, I was then removed and placed into what seemed like a very small dark room. These men clearly had no idea who I was!

The door closed, and they decided to place me rolled up on the floor. In all my life, I had never been treated like this. It was a terrible place. I could sometimes hear muffled voices in the hallway. But other than that, there was no one to be found.

I was never so alone as in that awful dark room. I missed my owners, my usual floor and the sound of the birds chirping outside. I could only dream now of escaping this torture. Among the coldness, there was an oppressive dampness in the air. It felt as though, I was rotting. This was no place for a lady, I mean, a Persian rug like me!

Time was cruel in that room. I started to experience burn from the where the rope was tied and an odd like pain that I had never felt before. It was all over me, everywhere. I thought it was just my pangs of loneliness. But these were awful pinch like sensations and biting. I was in excruciating pain.

It finally dawned on me what these "pangs were. Unfortunately, I had become a feast for some hungry, evil moths! They started to devour me! I was being eaten alive by the hour. Their sticky,web-like texture was stuck all over my underside. Life can be hard for a Persian Rug or an Oriental Rug.

This was the worst thing that had ever happened to me, hope was hard to come by. Each painful bite was like getting your skin ripped off. These moths were destroying me, actually eating my once colourful and beautiful pile.

Hope was not enough, this went on and on for what felt like an eternity. Is all I could think of was how I could escape. My days were spent longing for someone to walk in and notice me, to save me. These were more than desperate times for an almost destroyed, and half-eaten rug like me. 

Through my torment, I sweetly reminisced about my former glory days. Probably making them better than they actually were, but still, anything was better than smelling awful, feeling wet and being eaten by bugs! My saving grace would be a rug cleaning and repair.

Surprisingly outside the door one day, under the crack of some very dim light, I saw feet and heard shuffling shoes. They talked for a minute and the next thing I knew, the door was opening. What was left of my pile stood up high at attention, could it be? Was I finally going to be saved?

There were two men, one of the gentleman hurriedly untied my ends as if he was eager to see me. It felt heavenly to be moved and to finally be rid of that thick and fraying rope!

He began to explain to the other man that I had been improperly stored for almost six months, and because of that, I had some extensive damage. He assured him that he could fix me! He explained that Rug District did Persian Rug Cleaning, Oriental Rug Cleaning and Area Rug Cleaning. This was like a dream come true!

He knew that I was a Sarouk Persian Rug and he even guessed my age and knew of the city I was born! He proceeded to tell him about all the rug services I would require. First off, he said that I would definitely need a professional carpet cleaning, and after that of course, some repair services.

Finally, I was going to be a repaired rug! A professional clean first though! My very improper storage had really hurt me. This was going to feel beyond amazing. I would not be forgotten after all! My pick up and delivery went smoothly. Arriving at what I knew was going to be a great Rug Cleaners!

After my Rug Cleaning services, I felt like a new rug! Next, I was off to the expert repair person on staff. Carefully I was repaired. My pile was again full and there was absolutely no trace that any moth had ever touched me. Rug District certainly had great customer service! I felt incredible!

I was then delivered to a brand new home and landed up in the Toronto GTA area. I would terribly miss Mr. and Mrs. Lexington but I knew that my life had to go on. I still think of Macy singing to me, I hear her voice when I dream.

My new family is kind and loving and very down to earth. There are three very playful children, a dog and two cats. I'm sure I'll have another story soon!

Just a wise word of advice. from an "antique" Sarouk Persian Rug ... because of my very improper storage, I faced issues that could have been avoided. I almost rotted to death from the dampness and was almost eaten alive by moths. I have only survived to tell you this story because of Rug District.

If you value your Silk Rug, Persian Rug, Oriental Rug or Area Rug, please contact Rug District for a happy ending!

Until then my friends, take care of each other and your precious Rugs.


Samantha The Sarouk

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