The Secret Life Of Persian Rugs: Tabriz

The Secret Life Of Persian Rugs: Tabriz

The Secret Life Of Persian Rugs:

Chapter 4: Thomas the Tabriz

The Secret Life of Persian Rugs-Tabriz


I have always been very highly regarded as a Persian Tabriz Rug. I am sought after all over the world, and most people would love to have me in their home! Allow me to please introduce myself, I am Thomas the Tabriz.

Hailing from my very far away home of Iran, in the city of Tabriz. I was born in 1959 and spent only a brief time in Iran before coming to Canada. I am a handsome looking Tabriz Rug, hand-knotted in jewel tones. Woven with the most refined and delicate designs. My medallion is stunning, along with my all over Herati pattern. I must say, I'm a refined-looking and sophisticated Tabriz.

I have lived with Ms.Richards here in Stratford, Ontario since my arrival. Home has always been incredibly pleasant and comfortable. Ms. Richards made her living as a therapist. The living room, where I was laid out, was also where she saw her clients. Yes, my life was more than interesting! I had truly heard it all!

Nights were quiet, she would cook dinner and occasionally have a few friends over. Almost every night you could find her nose in a book. She would start reading on the sofa until she eventually would sit cross-legged on me. I never minded, I loved to know that despite my elegance, I was the type of Persian Rug you could also cuddle up with.

I was always cared for. She never regarded me like just any old area rug. She made sure that I was regularly vacuumed and she even rotated me on a regular basis. She would check for any rug repairs that needed to be done but I was in great shape! She always paid extra attention to me, I was a very fortunate Persian carpet.

Over the years I had met many interesting people and heard the most fascinating stories, but nothing, nothing at all could prepare me for who I would meet next! Life as I knew it would forever be different. and I would become somewhat shocked and appaled in the days to come.

It started out like any other day, all was well. I could smell the lovely smell of freshly brewed coffee. I knew that meant that she would be coming in momentarily. But that day was different, she never walked in. I heard the door open along with loud commotion. Suddenly I was greeted by a furry white creature. He ran amuck in the living room, his breath was atrocious and he ran all over me and sniffed me, my every square inch!

It didn't stop there, he panted and drooled, and ran around in circles. The worst part was that Ms. Richards was laughing like she was enjoying it all. She held him and told him he was a "good boy". A good boy I thought, he'll be the end of me!

My days were now torturous and very long. There were no more quiet and relaxing evenings. Not for this Persian Rug! My evenings were filled strange squeaking toys and barking sounds, with her gushing nonstop over this animal. Who by the way she called "Lucky".

She did seem happy though, she laughed a lot and smiled more. I realized that this was not going to change. Lucky seemed like a permanent fixture in our home. I knew that all those hours of therapy and coping skills would somehow pay off! I would have to learn how to adjust.

A few days later, I'll admit, I started to really warm up to Lucky. He was sort of cute and seemed to have taken a liking to me. I thought all would be well. I couldn't have been more wrong. This Lucky character had some nerve, he actually lifted his hind leg and well you know, I got sprinkled on. I was aghast and in utter shock. To say I was dismayed would be an understatement!

This was terrible. I was wet and smelled awful. I had never felt so disgusting in all my life! Ms. Richards began to try and blot me off and Lucky was lightly reprimanded and told that he was a "bad boy". My only hope was that I would go away and be professionally clean! I have had rug cleaning services before and now I was in dire need of another!

I prayed that she would please contact a carpet cleaning company! I was suffering immensely having to smell this putrid smell! Finally, a couple of days later a man walked in the living room, "yes, he assured her, free pick up and delivery". He then asked if I needed repair services as well. I was then rolled up and placed on his strong shoulders. Let the rug cleaning begin!

My Area Rug Cleaning went great! I felt like I haven't in years, and I must say, I knew that I looked better than ever! I may have been a vintage rug, but I felt brand new. I not only got a Persian Rug cleaning, but I also had the special service of being deodorized! A must-have service for all pet owners! I couldn't wait to go back home and be laid out in all my Persian Rug glory!

Upon my arrival back home I was greeted by a very happy Persian Rug owner, and one very excited Lucky! The gentleman from Rug District carried me back into the living room and unrolled me. Ms. Richards was so pleased with the outstanding customer service. She told him she would spread the word that they were indeed the very best Rug Cleaners in town! She was more than delighted, I was now an immensely clean area rug!

And so my friends, life goes on, with Lucky included! Who I have since learned is what humans call a "dog". I just hope that I never see Lucky lift his leg again! Just one more thing before I leave, if you ever do need any rug cleaning and repair, Rug District comes highly recommended! For Silk Rugs, Antique Rugs, Wool Rugs, or any Oriental Rug Cleaning. This is the place to call, and I should know, after all, I'm a Rug!

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