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Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Decorating With Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs work anywhere.

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Oriental Rugs are not just for your floors!

Isn't it refreshing that while we live in this time of such modern amenities and technology, we are still taken by the ancient, mysterious art form of Oriental Rugs, and how they just naturally fit into our homes? Remarkably, Oriental Rugs can blend into any decor, be it modern to minimalist, classic to traditional. These rugs are not just for your floor! Think outside the box when decorating with them. Oriental Rugs give us plenty of room and opportunity to be creative!
When rugs first came to Europe, they were rarely used on the floor. Instead, they were hung on walls or eloquently draped on tables.
For example, a delicate Persian Rug could be hung in an alcove or an entryway, especially if it's made of silk. A silk rug, although so elegant and beautiful, is not recommended for high traffic areas, but do always make a perfect choice as a wall hanging.
Decorating with Oriental Rugs-Persian Rug Toronto

Oriental Rug Collectors always need more space.

If you're a collector of antique rugs or kilims, some of these can also be delicate, depending on their age and condition, and would do better in an area of minimal traffic. These also lend themselves beautifully as wall hangings or placed on a desk or table. They can add such interest and texture. Also, if your furniture is not in top-notch condition, they can help to cover any imperfections or blemishes.
Kilims are an ideal choice for this, as they do not have a stiff backing. They could be used as a wall hanging, draped over the back of a couch or chair or you could even use some of them as throws.
Hanging a rug on a wall can help to add definition to a space, or bring interest to an otherwise awkward or bland wall. Oriental Rugs give us so many options.
Decorating with Oriental Rugs-Persian Rug Toronto

Colours in Oriental Rugs integrates the room.

When it comes to colour, a constant colour theme is a very effective way of integrating an Oriental Rug into your space. Ideally, investing in a rug first is a great starting point for decorating any room, as they can set the tone for everything else. There are infinite choices in paint, wallpaper, and furniture but purchasing your rug first will help with the natural progression of the room.
Using pattern in the same colour family as your rug will help maintain a uniform effect, and just because your rug might have a striking or bold pattern, does not mean that other pattern cannot be used. This is how colour can help tie everything together and make that connection between your furniture and other decors.

Design and Scale in Oriental Rugs

There are thousands of Oriental Rug designs to chose from. Some are based around a medallion, others are pictorial and directional, and some are organized into panels of different patterns.
Also, there is the scale of the design to consider. Usually, an Oriental Rug with a smaller scale design will call attention to the furniture that sits on it, and a larger scale, more dramatic design, will bring more attention to themselves and become the ultimate focal point to the room.

Be creative with Oriental Rugs

Decorating with Oriental Rugs gives us a chance to be creative, to add some whimsy and surprise into our homes. They are not just for your floors, after all, they are astounding, magnificent works of art that offer us a multitude of creative ways to display Oriental Rugs.
Decorating with Oriental Rugs provide us with colour, texture and depth and they add soul to any home.

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