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Caring for Oriental Rugs

Even though Oriental Rugs are extremely durable it is always important to have them cared for properly. If you want to enjoy your Persian & Oriental Rugs for years to come, here are a few tips on Oriental rug cleaning to ensure they last for generations.

Persian & Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rugs should be washed on a regular basis to protect their beauty and value. Harmful dirt and dust deep in the pile can will damage your treasures. A professional carpet cleaning of your Oriental Rugs is recommended every 2-5 years!

Rotate your Persian & Oriental Rugs

Your rug should be rotated at least once a year, the heavier the the traffic the more often it should be rotated.

oriental rug cleaning


Padding under your Oriental Carpets

A quality pad is important to help protect your rug from dirt, wear and slippage.
Oriental Rug Pad

Sun will Damage your Oriental Rugs

Be careful not to expose your rug to direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause fading and dull the colours. This is especially important for antique rugs and those made with natural dyes.
Before and After Rug Cleaning

Vacuuming your Oriental Rugs

Vacuum your rug regularly in order to keep them clean and free of dust.Be cautious of the beater bar on your vacuum grabbing onto loose fibers, This could cause a run or tear in your rug.
Vacuum Your Rug

Spot Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Tend to all spills immediately, do not use any soap or bleach. Try to absorb the spill by gently daubing up the liquid. Use only water to clean any sticky residue that may be left but do not rub into the rug. Call a professional as soon as you can if the stain cannot be removed.
Spot Cleaning Carpet

Repairs to Oriental Rugs

Any repairs that need tending to should be taken in for repair as soon as you notice. If you wait too long the damage could become worse. Always have any repairs done by a professional.
Rug Repair Station
Persian & Oriental Rugs are always a welcome addition to any home, but they need maintenance in order to preserve their beauty & value.

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