Tips on Caring for Oriental Rugs

Tips on Caring for Oriental Rugs

Oriental and Area Rug Care

Even though Oriental Rugs are extremely durable, it is always important to have them cared for properly. Here are a few Oriental Rug Care tips that will help them to last for generations.

A Regular Oriental Rug Cleaning is a Must.

Protect the beauty and value of your Oriental and Area Rugs with a professional carpet cleaning. Experts recommend having Persian and Oriental Rugs expertly hand washed every 2 to 5 years.

Harmful dirt and dust can easily hide in your area rug causing excessive damage. But pets and heavy traffic may require professional carpet cleaning once a year. An expert Area Rug Cleaning for your woven treasures is an important step in caring for your Oriental Rugs. Keep your valuable Persian Rugs looking vibrant and vividly beautiful with a professional carpet cleaning!

Rotate your Persian & Oriental Rugs

Rotating your Persian and Oriental Rugs should be done at least once a year. This should also be done more often in cases of very heavy foot traffic. A yearly rotation will ensure that your Oriental Rugs have more even wear. Rotating your Oriental Rugs will help them to remain beautiful and vibrant looking for generations!

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Padding under your Oriental & Area Rugs

A quality underpad for your Oriental & Area Rugs is ideal for comfort and of course, extra plushness! A carpet underpad is also a safety measure and will help to prevent any slipping.

An Oriental Rug underpad is also suitable in preventing any premature wear or stress. It will smooth out your area rug making sure it lays flat without any kinks or wrinkles.

Often overlooked, a carpet underpad is always a beneficial companion for your Oriental and Area Rugs.

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Sunlight will Damage your Oriental Area Rugs

Direct sunlight can damage your Persian Rugs. It is not ideal to have an Oriental Rug directly exposed to the bright and harmful rays of the sun.

Just like the skin on our faces, the sun can prematurely age us making us appear much older! The same goes for Oriental & Area Rugs.

Oriental Rugs can fade dramatically in the sun. The sun can alter many colours in your Oriental area rug. Vivid colours may fade.

Silk Rugs have an even lower tolerance to direct sunlight. Please protect these delicate woven treasures!

The intensity of the suns UV rays can even cause some weakness in the rug's material. Closing blinds and drapes will help to reduce the damage from sunlight. Be mindful of where you lay your beautiful oriental rug.

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Vacuuming your Oriental Rugs

Vacuuming your Oriental Rugs is a very important step to maintaining it's luxurious beauty! The build-up of dust, dirt and pesky pet hair can leave your Persian Rugs looking dull and drab. Be cautious using a vacuum with a beater bar as it can grab onto the fringes or any loose fibres. Keep your Persian Rugs fresh and brilliant looking by giving them a thorough vacuuming at least once a week.

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Spot Cleaning Oriental and Area Rugs

Sometimes accidents and spills happen, much to our dismay! While Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs are durable, they do need some TLC! A small spill, if not tended to, can quickly become a disaster!

  • If an accident does happen to your beautiful Persian Rug the best course of action is to act quickly!
  • Using a plain cotton cloth try and dab up as much of the spill as possible.
  • Only blot and never rub into the fibres of your area rug, as this can cause further damage.
  • Use plain water to remove any sticky residue that may be left but never use any detergent, soap or bleach.

The next thing to do is to call a professional carpet cleaner and have your area rug properly cleaned!

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Oriental Rug Repairs ASAP

Cleaning and repairing your rugs is very important. Any repairs to your hand knotted Oriental Rugs should be tended to as soon as you notice them.

Even if they seem to be very minor, these small issues can become major restorations if not attended to promptly. Small repair services are much less costly than a restoration!

Be sure that any Oriental Rug Repairs are done by a reputable rug cleaning and repair company. 

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Steam Cleaning will damage your Persian Carpets

Many rug cleaners offer rug cleaning services that are meant for wall to wall broadloom or area rugs with synthetic fibres. Steam cleaning Oriental Rugs will damage the fibres by stripping the natural oils from the wool.


Love your Rugs!

Oriental and Area Rugs are always a welcome addition to any home. In order to enjoy their magnificent charm and beauty, follow our simple tips for your precious Oriental Rugs. After all, they are the soul of the room.

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