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Oriental Carpet Sold at Auction-US$33,765,000.

Oriental Carpet Sold at Auction-US$33,765,000.

The Persian Vase Rug, A 17th Century Score!

Persian Rug Toronto-Oriental Carpet Sold at Auction for US$33,750,000. Clarke Sickle-Leaf Carpet

Have you ever wondered about expensive rugs, very, very expensive rugs? If you have, you might have heard about the latest. An ancient Persian Rug from the 17th century. that sold at auction for an astounding $33,765,000, that's approximately $600,000 per square foot!

Oriental Carpet sold at Sotheby's

This famous rug was once owned by an American billionaire and was sold to an anonymous telephone bidder at Sotheby's auction house, where it was sold. It is said that the Clark Sickle-Leaf carpet set a record. It was more than three times the previous auction record for a rug.
This rug is nothing short of exquisite. The sickle-leaf rug is handwoven and is more than 360 years old. The size of this rug is 8'9" by 6'5". Sotheby's auctioneer and senior consultant, Mary Jo Otsea said that she thought it might sell for 10 to 15 million. I bet she was surprised!
When this rug appeared on the market, people were shocked. No one ever expected to see this calibre of the rug. It is the kind of rug that you would most likely ever only see at a museum.
This breathtaking, intricately woven rug was once owned by an American industrialist who acquired the rug in the early 1900s. The rug was then donated to a museum after his death in 1925. The rug had been displayed at the Corcoran Museum, in Washington D.C. The Corcoran Museum decided to sell the rug in order to raise funds for improving their building.
When this oriental rug sale became public knowledge, it generated such excitement and enthusiasm for antique rug collectors all across the world.
The sickle-leaf carpet is said to be in exceptional condition considering its age. Most likely it's because it had been hung on a wall instead of laying on a floor.
Mary Jo Otsea said "This is a beautiful example of carpet weaving. In my thirty year career, this is the most exciting and most important collection I have ever dealt with. It is without question one of the most iconic and important carpets to ever appear at auction."
After the rug was sold, the entire room at Sotheby's erupted into applause. It must have been the release of all of the energy and excitement as the price of the rug just went higher and higher.
This special rug was made in the Safavid dynasty in Persia in the 1650s. It would have been worked on by several weavers, and most likely it was made for a noble person, as this rug would have been costly to make.
This now made famous rug has a wool pile and the foundation is made of cotton and silk. It is a fantastic work of art made with the highest order of art. With its sickle-leaf vine scroll and palmette vase, it boasts a tidy pile and is mainly woven of red, blue and green.

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