Tips for Layering Rugs - A Creative Rug Adventure!

Tips for Layering Rugs - A Creative Rug Adventure!

Layering Persian Rugs adds a new element!

Layered Persian Rugs
Layering rugs is an unexpected way to add colour, texture and interest to any room in the house! If you hate the drab look of your outdated wall to wall carpeting or have a small oddly shaped space, or perhaps you own a rug that you absolutely love, but is much too small for your new place, layering rugs could be the perfect solution!
We all know the power of rugs, and how easily they can transform any space and instantly fill them with warmth and beauty, now imagine the impact of a few rugs together in a room!
Layering Persian and Oriental Rugs
Mixing rugs and patterns might scare you, after all, this is all about balance and having a keen eye. But the beauty of this idea is that rugs are not permanently attached to the floor! This is not like grouping photo's on a wall and making hundreds of nail holes that you then have to cover! There is no harm what so ever in moving rugs, just be careful of any priceless knick-knacks that may be in your way! Clear the way for this fun, creative rug adventure!
Layering Persian Rugs

Here are a few tips to get you started layering Oriental Rugs:

Colour: This works very well with rugs that have a similar colour scheme. This helps to harmonize the layering and gives you more room to play in your configuration of the rugs. If you are not big on going completely bold, the similar tones of the colour will help you feel more confident in their placement.
Proportion: Layering a teeny, weeny rug on a giant size rug will just look silly and make your layering seem completely out of balance. Generally, this idea works best on rugs that are close in their proportions but not exactly the same. You do need some contrast in size. The size of the rugs is also what lend themselves well to creating some unique angles.
Pattern: This is what probably scares people the most, pattern! The pattern is, of course, an important factor, but colour again is the key in bringing patterns together! Playing with patterns can easily change the feel of a room. Mixing a floral with stripes may sound daring but can add such a fresh exciting twist, and help to turn old into new!
Texture: Probably the smallest factor of importance, when you consider all of the others, such as colour, size and pattern. Adding wool rugs with a few small fine silk rugs will only make it more interesting. Layered carpets in itself will give you texture, with any rug, this is always a given.
Layering Persian and Oriental Rugs
Don't be afraid to play with your rugs! By being creative and bold, rugs can transform any room!
Persian Rugs Toronto-Layering Oriental Rugs

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