Oriental Rugs and Colour

Oriental Rugs and Colour

Persian Rug Colours

Persian and Oriental Rugs Colours

The Meaning of Colour in Persian & Oriental Rugs

Want to indulge your home? Transform a room?
Having an oriental rug will do these things. They will also add warmth and character at the same time. They do not only take away bare floors and cold feet, they always add a feeling of intimacy.
A light coloured rug will often make a room seem larger while deeper coloured rugs tend to give a more cozy feel.
Selecting the right colour for your Oriental Rug can have huge implications for your room. Consider the style and other decors you are working with. Keep in mind that colour can also affect our moods. The most important factor of colour is how it makes you feel, be sure to select a rug and colours you truly love. Below are the most common colours used in Oriental Rugs and the significance of colours in Persian culture:
Red - happiness, joy
Orange - devotion, piety
Yellow - power, glory
Green - paradise, sacred, considered the "prophet's colour"
Blue- solitude, truth
Black- destruction
Brown- fertility
White- purity, peace, grief
From the mystical hand-knotted rugs of ancient Persia to the braided rag rugs of early pioneers, rugs are an important part of history and culture. Having an oriental rug is like having art to walk on. Yes, they are beautiful, they complete a room, but more importantly, oriental rugs warm the soul.

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  • Tanya Shea