Yes. The Evil Moth Will Destroy Your Oriental Rugs

Yes. The Evil Moth Will Destroy Your Oriental Rugs

Protect Oriental Rugs from Moth Damage

Prevent Moth Damage with the best carpet cleaners in Toronto

Something is eating my carpet! How to get rid of carpet moths naturally? Don't let these moths keep you up a night. If you've recently encountered these pesky, nasty creatures in your home, you are in for a fight! Moth damage can destroy your precious area rug. We want you to win!

Prevent Moth Damage with an expert area rug cleaning

The life cycle of the evil moth[/caption] Here are some tried and tested solutions to help you sleep better at night and keep your precious Oriental rugs safe and sound from extensive moth damage. The first thing that needs to be done is vacuuming, and when I say vacuuming I mean the kind of vacuuming your mother would do (or Martha Stewart)! A deep, meticulous vacuuming of your Oriental Rugs is extremely important at this point. If the Oriental Rug is not huge, a good old fashion shake, done outside, could also be beneficial. Shaking your Area Rug and vacuuming will help to dislodge any sticky reside or webbing, or larvae that these yucky moths could leave behind. Be sure to vacuum both the front and back of your Oriental Rugs. That's right, the back is where they could be hiding! After the extreme work out you'll get from the thorough cleaning of your area rugs, you will most definitely have to clean out your vacuum, filter and all. It would be detrimental to run the risk of the eggs hatching inside your vacuum and then come flying out! Don't forget the parts of the Oriental Rugs that are underneath furnitures like a sofa, chair or bed, need to be cleaned as well. Moths love very dark places, and are very good at hiding! Unfortunately, if you've found one moth, or the sign of a moth in any Oriental Rug, that means that every single Oriental Rug in your home could be at risk. Keeping everything clean and vacuumed on a regular basis is very important. It goes a long way in the prevention of moths. Oriental Rugs that are exposed to heavy traffic and sunlight have a lesser chance of incurring a moth problem. Moths love the dark, so any corner or side of a rug that is covered by furniture should have special attention. One of the best strategies against an infestation of moths- keep things clean. A weekly vacuuming goes a very long way in keeping these pests at bay. While vacuuming you could be removing the larvae or eggs without even knowing it. The benefits are clear.

Carpet Moths Natural Treatment

Natural Remedies to Prevent Moth Damage

If your lucky enough to have a collection of Oriental rugs in your home, it would be wise to practice some deterrents for the moth. Some natural sachets you could make yourself, include cedar, lavender, peppermint, and cloves. Also, a spray bottle filled with vinegar will smell better and be safer than any chemical laden bug spray you could find. To make your sachets you will need a coffee filter, with your choice of the added ingredients. for example, if you have chosen to use cloves, you'll need to open the coffee filter up and pour a small amount of your chosen natural ingredient in the middle of the filter. Then gather up the coffee filter around them and close off using an elastic band. Your homemade natural sachets filled with your choice of a deterrent should be changed every six to eight weeks. Placing them in and around your home will help to keep those nasty moths at bay. Your handmade natural sachets will not only help you win the moth fight, but they will leave a pleasant and fragrant scent around your home. You could also add some scented peppermint oil to dried peppermint leaves, or some scented lavender oil mixed in with the lavender sachet. For the vinegar solution, you'll need some good old white vinegar and a spray bottle. You could do this solution as a fifty-fifty mix with water, but I would suggest a straight vinegar solution. No need to worry about vinegar in your area rugs, even for a fine silk rug, or a wool rug. It's safe. Vinegar will not damage the fibre of your Oriental Rug in the least bit. And it will not cause colour runs. If you're worried about the vinegar scent, don't be. The scent of the vinegar actually goes away very quickly. It will dissipate very fast after it's been sprayed.

Moth Balls are a bad choice

Mothballs are another choice for some, but smell absolutely awful and also carry some risks for your health. If you have children or pets around or are expecting a baby, these are not a safe choice. Mothballs have drawbacks, as they are a pesticide that will release fumigant gas. If you choose this method you'll be running the risk of inhaling these very harmful chemicals.

The Evil Moth will try to sneak into your house

Moths are an extremely destructive creature. In an instant, they will wreak havoc in your home and happily destroy your beautiful oriental rugs. Talk about a home wrecker!  Warmer weather and central heat can also lead to a moth infestation. Even opening a window with a tiny hole in the screen, or a door can also invite these nasty moths in. Generally, the seasons for the moth are Fall and Spring, but there's no promise they couldn't find their way in with the cold.

Keep Oriental & Area Rugs clean to help prevent moth damage

Also not attending to food stains or spills right away make your area rugs a great and tasty choice for any moth. They love a dirty rug that smells like something they could feast on. Cat and dog urine that is not attended to quickly or properly can also be an invite for moth. The best solution is tending as soon as possible to these issues. After all your beautiful cherished rugs should be enjoyed by you. Not a breeding ground for a destructive moth!

A professional rug cleaning is necessary

The ultimate solution for a moth infestation is to have your Persian Carpets, Oriental Rugs and all Area Rugs expertly cleaned and moth proofed by a professional rug cleaning company. Rug District has been hand washing Persian, Oriental and all Area Rugs since 1959. The Evil Moths will be destroyed with our rug cleaning service. We offer you free pick up and delivery. Rug District makes it so easy and effortless to defeat moth and other insect infestations. And your precious Persian & Oriental Rugs will look like they did when they first came home. You can be assured that there will be no signs of dirt or moth left.

Oriental Rugs with moth damage can be repaired

If the Evil Moths have damaged parts of your Oriental Rugs, don't worry. Rug District also offers expert Oriental Rug Repairs. Our expert craftspeople have decades of experience in the fine art of Oriental Rug Repairs.

An expert Area Rug Cleaning is recommended every 2-3 years

The secret of not having moths is regular Area Rug Cleaning! It is very important to have your Oriental & Area Rugs cleaned on a regular basis. Every 2-3 years is recommended. Imagine your Area Rugs looking and feeling like new again! Protect the beauty and value of your precious Persian & Oriental Rugs and let the experts at Rug District deal a fatal blow to the Evil Moth before they destroy your rugs. Whatever you do, don't let the evil moths BUG you! Call the experts at Rug District.

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